Protest definition

Protest means a written objection by an interested party to this solicitation or to a proposed or actual award of a contract pursuant to this solicitation.
Protest means make more than one discernible nega- tive response, other than mere silence, to the offer of, recommen- dation for, or other proffering of voluntary receipt of psychotropic medication. “Protest” does not mean a discernible negative response to a proposed method of administration of the psychotro- pic medication.

Examples of Protest in a sentence

  • As a Protest Manager has been named in this Request for Proposal, pursuant to NMSA 1978, § 13-1-172, ONLY protests delivered directly to the Protest Manager in writing and in a timely fashion will be considered to have been submitted properly and in accordance with statute, rule and this Request for Proposal.

  • The Bid Protest Procedure is on the DGS website at I.8 IFB-025.1 Electronic Version of this IFB (Oct 2006) This IFB is being made available by electronic means.

  • Alion asserts that “no amount of revisions to ITT’s plan could successfully mitigate or neutralize [ITT’s] pervasive OCI[s].” Protest at 6.

  • Specification Protest Process and Remedies: If a bidder feels that the specifications are written in a way that limits competition, a specification protest may be sent to the Director of Purchasing and AP Shared Services.

  • The Division’s argument that petitioner’s claim for refund is barred by the Withdrawal of Protest form has merit.

More Definitions of Protest

Protest means a request submitted by a Member Firm to the Exchange requesting the cancellation or amendment of an incorrect Registration or the Registration of a Trade which had been omitted, or a request for an amendment of an incorrectly executed or non-executed Exercise or Cash Settlement;
Protest means a formal declaration of disapproval or objection issued by a concerned person, group, or organization that arises during the procurement process. A Protest is a potential Bidder’s or contractor’s remedy for correcting a perceived wrong in the procurement process. See “Types of Protests” below.
Protest means a written objection by an interested party to any of the following:
Protest means a protest lodged under clause 4.4 of these General Rules.
Protest means a document that objects in whole or in part to the relief requested in an advice letter. The protest shall contain the following information: specification of the advice letter protested; grounds for the protest; supporting factual information or legal argument; name, telephone number, postal address, and (where appropriate) e-mail address of the protestant; and statement that the protest was sent to the utility no later than the day on which the protest was submitted to the reviewing Industry Division.
Protest means a written complain filed in accordance with Section 610.6.1.A by a Group Member or an applicant for such status, or an Individual Member or applicant for such status or, with regard to conduct occurring in the Territory, a member of another LSC, against a member of SRSI or a constituent element, officer or agent of SRSI. The Protest may relate to an applicant’s having been denied membership in SRSI or a member’s alleged infraction against its responsibilities under Section 602.2 or about a decision or action by someone acting under the authority of SRSI or USA Swimming or, with regard to conduct in the Territory, another LSC.