Definition of Non-GAAP Operating Income

Non-GAAP Operating Income means the Company's consolidated annual operating income for fiscal year 2014, which is income from operations before income taxes interest income and other income/expense, adjusted for items excluded by the Company in determining non-GAAP earnings including amortization of intangible assets, equity-related compensation, restructuring charges and benefits, certain gains and losses on equity investments and acquisition and divestiture-related expenses. Non-GAAP operating income will be adjusted for constant currency.
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Examples of Non-GAAP Operating Income in a sentence

Non-GAAP Operating Income Margin for any fiscal year shall mean the Non-GAAP Operating Income (as defined in 14.2) for that fiscal year divided by the Revenue (as defined in 14.3) for that fiscal year, with the result expressed as a percentage and rounded to the nearest tenth of a percentage point.
NON-GAAP OPERATING INCOME After the end of the Plan Year, the actual Non-GAAP Operating Income level for the Plan Year, as determined by the Committee, shall be compared against the Non-GAAP Operating Income performance target established by the Committee for the Plan Year, and based on such comparison, the Non-GAAP Operating Income Performance Factor for the Plan Year shall be determined pursuant to the applicable Performance Goals established for that Plan Year.
The specified target level(s) of Non-GAAP Operating Income for a Plan Year may, in the Committee's discretion, be based on the Approved Business Plan for the applicable Plan Year and/or may take into account or be based on such other factors as the Committee may consider relevant for the particular Plan Year for this purpose.
Actual Non-GAAP Operating Income is after accruing for the Quarterly Bonus and Annual Bonus due Participants under the Plan.
The table shall be based on a comparison of Non-GAAP Operating Income for the Plan Year as compared to Non-GAAP Operating Income for the previous Plan Year and shall correlate various percentage improvements in Non-GAAP Operating Income with an Organizational Performance Factor, also expressed as a percentage.