Capitalized Interest Sample Clauses

Capitalized Interest. Section 2.9 of the Lease is hereby amended to add the following sentence at the end of the Section: During the Construction Period for a Building or phase of Buildings, Capitalized Interest for such Building or phase of Buildings shall be calculated using the Construction Period Monthly Calculation set forth in Section 2.43.
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Capitalized Interest. Except as otherwise provided in this Section 2.07(d), and subject to satisfaction of the applicable conditions to Loans set forth in Section 4.04, any interest due on Tranche A Loans prior to the Conversion Date shall be capitalized on the date such interest is due and payable by entry on the books of AEF of such amount as a Tranche A Loan to the Customer. Any such interest so capitalized shall constitute a Tranche A Loan to the Customer for such amount made on the date on which such interest shall have been otherwise due and payable. Pursuant to a written notice delivered to AEF not later than thirty (30) days prior to the date that any interest shall become due and payable, the Customer may elect to terminate the capitalization of interest under this Section 2.07(d), in which case no such capitalization of interest shall occur from and after the first day of the next succeeding Interest Period.
Capitalized Interest. Interest on the Term Loan shall accrue monthly on the last day of each month so long as any principal under the Term Loan is unpaid. Prior to the date on which the Revolving Credit Agreement is terminated and all obligations thereunder have been finally paid in full or if such interest is not paid on the last day of any month thereafter, interest on the Term Loan shall be capitalized and added to the outstanding principal balance of the Term Loan.
Capitalized Interest. If and to the extent that the Lessee does not request an Advance to pay any Capitalized Interest, then the Lessee will pay the amount thereof to the Lessor on the last day of the Interest Period during which such Capitalized Interest has accrued.
Capitalized Interest. The Borrowers shall not allow the Capitalized Interest, measured as of the end of each Quarter, to exceed 8% of the value of Real Estate Development Assets.
Capitalized Interest. Notwithstanding any contrary terms set forth in the Acquisition Agreement or any related documents, interest which accrues on the Cloverdale Project Development Loan and Cloverdale Project Company Loans prior to the date when the Cloverdale Project is first open for gaming to the general public shall be capitalized and added to the principal balance outstanding.
Capitalized Interest. To the extent that Maker elects to add accrued interest at any Interest Payment Date to the principal of this Note ("Capitalization of the Interest"), such accrued interest shall thereafter be included in the principal amount of this Note for all purposes. In connection with any such election by Maker, Maker shall notify in writing Payee of its election and include in such notice a statement setting forth the new principal of the Note as of such Interest Payment Date. Any notice hereunder to Payee shall be delivered to Payee at the address for Payee set forth in Maker's records unless and until Payee provides written notice to Maker to the contrary.
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Capitalized Interest. The Borrower may notify the Agent at least five Business Days prior to the date of any payment otherwise required under this Section 2.05 (the "Applicable Interest Payment Date") other than any such payment required to be paid
Capitalized Interest. Except as otherwise set forth in the Subordination Agreement, at any time that the Cash Interest Condition is satisfied, Borrowers may pay cash interest to Subordinated Lender in accordance with and subject to the Subordination Agreement. All amounts on deposit in the Sinking Fund Account on the Maturity Date shall be applied by Bank to the then-outstanding principal balance of the Loan and Note. Upon the occurrence of an Event of Default, Bank may, at its discretion, apply all amounts on deposit in the Sinking Fund Account to the Obligations in such order as Bank may determine without consent of or notice to Borrowers or Guarantor.
Capitalized Interest. For any period of determination, interest paid or accrued on a development loan secured by a Development Property. Interest paid or accrued on such a development loan will not be considered to be Capitalized Interest after such time as the sum of (a) the Net Operating Income for such property for a period of three (3) consecutive months, minus (b) interest paid or accrued on such development loan during such period, exceeds zero.
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