Non-Compliance definition

Non-Compliance means failure/refusal to comply the terms and conditions of the tender;
Non-Compliance. (NC) means the Juvenile Court has not implemented policies, procedures and programs; has not trained staff and personnel; does not have sufficient staff to implement the required reform; has not demonstrated a commitment toward reform; has not identified points of contact, have not met, have not collected data, have not analyzed the data, and have not attempted reform; has not addressed data needs; has not developed and utilized mechanisms to disseminate information; has not identified and developed areas and stages in the system in need of reform; has not developed a plan to evaluate and monitor reform, and has not ascertained if reform achieved desired outcomes. This assessment is made within the context that the above stated actions or inactions has not occurred within time-lines as specified in the Agreement. Compliance Level to Be Determined (CLTBD) means that a decision on the compliance level is pending in light of deadlines of specific reforms as stated in the Agreement have not yet come or arrived – Nine-Months, One- Year- or have been given an extension.
Non-Compliance means that NPD has either made no progress towards accomplishing compliance, or has not progressed beyond Initial Development at the point in time when NPD is expected to have at least achieved Preliminary Compliance for the reporting period.

Examples of Non-Compliance in a sentence

  • Contractor deviation or changes from approved Plans and Specifications may result in the issuance of a Notice of Non-Compliance (See DSA Form 154).

  • If your Hotel is not in compliance with the Franchise Agreement, including failing to meet our quality assurance Standards or failing to complete a PIP by the required date, we may charge a Non-Compliance Fee for each month in which the non-compliance occurred or continued for one or more days, to compensate us for damage to the Brand’s reputation and for the additional work caused by your non-compliance.

  • Any Non-Compliance against customer code alone shall not be uploaded to Sedex.

  • In the case of an ICD issued to correct Contractor Deficiencies or to correct a Contractor caused Notice of Non-Compliance, the ICD may be issued with $0 and 0 time.

  • In some cases, the lack of a DSA approved CCD AND verification from the Inspector that a Notice of Non-Compliance has been corrected may result in a critical path delay to the next stage of Work on the Project.

More Definitions of Non-Compliance

Non-Compliance means any non-compliance with the requirements and standards;
Non-Compliance means a significant failure by the Provider to observe its obligations under this Arrangement;
Non-Compliance means non-compliance with:
Non-Compliance means any act or omission that constitutes a failure to comply with a provision of this Act or any order, determination, or directive made in terms of this Act and which does not constitute an
Non-Compliance means any act or omission, and ‘fails to comply’, 10 ‘failure to comply’ and ‘not complying’ have the same meaning;’’;
Non-Compliance means the condition that exists when a Bidder or Contractor has failed to meet the requirements of this MBE/WBE Policy.