News definition

News means programming that is not current affairs by a broadcaster in which it reports on news events of immediate social, political or economic relevance and on matters of international, national and local significance;
News means information about current events or that would be of cur- rent interest to the public. Examples of news media entities include, but are not limited to, television or radio sta- tions broadcasting to the public at large, and publishers of newspapers and other periodicals (but only in those in- stances when they can qualify as dis- seminators of ‘‘news’’) who make their products available for purchase or sub- scription by the general public. ‘‘Free- lance’’ journalists may be regarded as working for a news organization if they can demonstrate a solid basis for ex- pecting publication through that orga- nization, even though not actually em- ployed by it.

Examples of News in a sentence

  • Newport News Public Schools reserves the right to update, revise or change this job description and related duties at any time.

  • The Company is current in its reporting obligations as of the most recent fiscal year end and any subsequent quarters, and such information has been posted either on the SEC’s EDGAR system or the OTC Disclosure & News Service, as applicable.

  • View the Collections Research Collections & Exhibits Gift Shop News & Events Potential Donors Memberships k-8 Education Alliances 800 W.

  • MPIL = The Materials Cost Index for steel as published by the Engineering News- Record for the month prior to the letting for work paid for at the contract price; or for the month the agreed unit price letter is submitted by the Contractor for extra work paid for by agreed unit price,.

  • News releases pertaining to the award of a contract may not be made without the prior written approval of the State Bar.

More Definitions of News

News means information of public concern relating to local, statewide, national, or worldwide issues or events.64
News means written, oral, pictorial, photographic, or electronically recorded information or communication concerning local, national or worldwide events or other matters of public concern or public interest or affecting the public welfare.
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News means information about recent events or happenings, especially as reported by newspapers, periodicals, radio, or television;
News means reports on events and occurrences ofthe day covering international, regional, country and local matters;
News means reports on events and occurrences of the day covering international and local matters;
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