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Market means in any part of the world:
Market. Stand-Off" Agreement. Founder hereby agrees that, during the period specified by the Company and the underwriter or underwriters of common stock (or other securities) of the Company, following the effective date of a registration statement of the Company filed under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the "Act"), Founder shall not, to the extent requested by the Company and such underwriter, but in any case for a period not to exceed 180 days, directly or indirectly, sell, offer or contract to sell (including, without limitation, any short sale), grant any option to purchase or otherwise transfer or dispose of (other than to donees who agree to be similarly bound) any securities of the Company at any time during such period except common stock included in such registration, provided, however, that (a) such agreement shall be applicable only to the first such registration statement of the Company which covers common stock (or other securities) to be sold on its behalf to the public in an underwritten offering and (b) all other shareholders of the Company holding securities of the Company enter into similar agreements. In order to enforce the foregoing covenant, the Company may impose stop-transfer instructions with respect to securities held by Founder until the end of such period.
Market means any state in the United States of America and each similar jurisdiction in any other country in which the Business was conducted by or engaged in by the Companies prior to the date hereof or is conducted or engaged in, or in which the Companies are seeking authorization to conduct Business at any time during the Term of Employment.

Examples of Market in a sentence

  • The Company will take all such reasonable action as may be necessary to assure that such Warrant Shares may be issued as provided herein without violation of any applicable law or regulation, or of any requirements of the Trading Market upon which the Common Stock may be listed.

  • Market risk is the risk that the fair value or future cash flows of a financial instrument will fluctuate because of changes in market prices.

  • Implementation and Market AvailabilityThere are no known implementation issues for this proposal.

  • The Austrian Financial Market Authority will only issue its approval subject to due consideration of the interests of the unitholders.

  • Market risk comprises three types of risk: currency risk, interest rate risk and other price risk.

More Definitions of Market

Market means a place at which, or a facility (whether electronic or otherwise) by means of which, offers or invitations to sell, purchase or exchange securities or futures contracts (including options and derivatives) regularly made on a centralised basis, being offers or invitations that are intended or may reasonably be expected to result, whether directly or indirectly, in the acceptance or making, respectively, of offers to sell, purchase or exchange securities or futures contracts (whether through that place or facility or otherwise).
Market means a public market, whether indoor or outdoor, including a food market;
Market means any stock, securities or other exchange (including SEHK), responsible association of dealers or corporation, whether within or outside Hong Kong, so dealing in Securities as to provide a market for Securities; 「市場」指香港境內外的任何股票、證券或其他交易所(包括聯交所)、負責的交易商協會或法團,從事買賣證券交易以提供一個證券市場;
Market means any exchange, regulated market, clearing house, central clearing counterparty or multilateral trading facility. Disclosures made pursuant to this Reporting Consent may include, without limitation, Disclosure of information relating to disputes over transactions between the parties, a party’s identity, and certain transaction and pricing data and may result in such information becoming available to the public or recipients in a jurisdiction which may have a different level of protection for personal data from that of the relevant party’s home jurisdiction. This Reporting Consent shall be deemed to constitute an agreement between the parties with respect to Disclosure in general and shall survive the termination of this Confirmation. No amendment to or termination of this Reporting Consent shall be effective unless such amendment or termination is made in writing between the parties and specifically refers to this Reporting Consent.
Market means a market in Australia and, when used in relation to any goods or services, includes a market for those goods or services and other goods or services that are substitutable for, or otherwise competitive with, the first-mentioned goods or services.