Manuals definition

Manuals means the manuals and other documents that may be supplied to the Contractor by Land Bank on or around the Signature Date, or as soon thereafter as may be practicable, and which Manuals contain, inter alia, information and/or data relating to or in connection with the Land Bank Policies;
Manuals means the Technical and Implementation Manual, the Operations and Maintenance Manual and other manuals which the Operators establish pursuant to the Access Agreement.
Manuals means the Erection and Installation Manual of the various equipment and machinery forming part of the Work(s) or Plant(s)/Unit(s) as well as the Operation and Maintenance Manuals thereof.

Examples of Manuals in a sentence

  • The Bidding for the Project shall be governed by all the provisions of RA No. 9184 and its 2016 revised IRR, including its Generic Procurement Manuals and associated policies, rules and regulations as the primary source thereof, while the herein clauses shall serve as the secondary source thereof.

  • Interconnection Customer agrees to abide by all rules and procedures pertaining to generation and transmission in the PJM Region, including but not limited to the rules and procedures concerning the dispatch of generation or scheduling transmission set forth in the Tariff, the Operating Agreement and the PJM Manuals.

  • This includes Underwriting Manuals and Guidelines, and documents and information about policyholders that is contained in their files.This Information Is ConfidentialAgents and their employees are expected to keep such confidential information secure from outside visitors.

  • Unless and otherwise agreed, the goods and equipment shall not be considered to be completed for the purposes of taking over until such Manuals and Drawing have been supplied to the Purchaser.

  • The Manuals and Drawings shall be in the ruling language (English) and in such form and numbers as stated in the Contract.

More Definitions of Manuals

Manuals means on-line or printed user manuals that describe the process and assist with the use of the Applications.
Manuals means the operating and reference manuals provided by TELVIVA specifying the procedures, standards, rules and requirements applicable to users of the Communication Services (as may be amended by TELVIVA from time to time);
Manuals means the Technical and Implementation Manual, the Access Seekers and Maintenance Manual and Other Manuals which the Access Seekers establish pursuant to the Access Agreement
Manuals means all instructional, educational, guidance, operational or other materials provided by Franchisor to Franchisee in furtherance of the Business.
Manuals means all written, digitized, computerized or electronically formatted manuals and other documents and materials prepared and used by Manager for other Managed Resorts as instructions, requirements, guidance or policy statements with respect to Manager’s Other Managed Resorts, which are loaned or otherwise made available to Tenant.
Manuals means the manuals in the Schedules of this RIO Agreement, including but not limited to SS7 Interworking Testing, as amended or substituted from time to time with this RIO Agreement of both Licensees or as a result of any changes introduced and/or such other manuals as are from time to time agreed between the Licensees to constitute “Manuals” for the purposes of this RIO Agreement;
Manuals means all the various instruction manuals to be provided as per the Contract by the Contractor and shall include Manuals described in Specifications or General Conditions of Contract.