Data definition

Data means all results, technical information and materials developed and/or obtained in the performance of the Services hereunder, including but not limited to all reports, survey and evaluation tools, surveys and evaluations, plans, charts, recordings (video and/or sound), pictures, curricula, electronically prepared presentations, public awareness or prevention campaign materials, drawings, analyses, graphic representations, computer programs and printouts, notes and memoranda, and documents, whether finished or unfinished, which result from or are prepared in connection with the Services performed hereunder.
Data means recorded information, regardless of form or the media on which it may be recorded. The term includes technical data and computer software. The term does not include information incidental to contract administration, such as financial, administrative, cost or pricing, or management information.
Data means all types of raw data, articles, papers, charts, records, reports, studies, research, memoranda, computation sheets, questionnaires, surveys, and other documentation.

Examples of Data in a sentence

  • Frequently reports to an IT Chief Operating Officer, Director, Data Center Operations or Operating Unit IT Executive.

  • The agreement will be standardized, facilitated and administered by a Centralized Zone Data Access Provider, which may be ICANN or an ICANN designee (the “CZDA Provider”).

  • Registry Operator shall not use or authorize the use of Personal Data in a way that is incompatible with the notice provided to registrars.

  • The data will be provided in the format specified in Specification 2 for Data Escrow.

  • Registry Operator shall take reasonable steps to protect Personal Data collected from such registrar from loss, misuse, unauthorized disclosure, alteration or destruction.

More Definitions of Data

Data means recorded information, regardless of form, the media on which it is recorded, or the method of recording.
Data means recorded information, regardless of form or characteristic.
Data means all Messages and Associated Data transmitted, received or stored in a digital form;
Data means representations of information or concepts, in any form.
Data as used in this Agreement means recorded information, regardless of form or characteristics, of a scientific or technical nature. It may, for example, document research, experimental, developmental or engineering work; or be usable or be used to define a design or process; or support a premise or conclusion asserted in any deliverable document called for by this Agreement. The data may be graphic or pictorial delineations in media, such as drawings or photographs, charts, tables, mathematical modes, collections or extrapolations of data or information, etc. It may be in machine form, as punched cards, magnetic tape, computer printouts, or may be retained in computer memory.
Data means all financial/business information, designs, dimensions, specifications, drawings, patterns, computer files or software, know how, or other information, including but not limited to Technical Data used in the design and manufacture of Products or the provision of Services. Data may be recorded in a written or printed document, computer or electronically stored, software, or any other tangible form of expression.
Data means any content, materials, data and information that Authorized Users entered into the production system of a SAP Cloud Service or that Customer or Provider derives from its use of and stores in the SAP Cloud Service (e.g. Customer-specific reports). Data and its derivatives will not include SAP’s Confidential Information.