Lot coverage definition

Lot coverage means the total area of those portions of a lot that are covered by buildings or structures divided by the area of the lot, and for this purpose the area of a lot that is covered by a roofed building or structure is measured to the drip line of the roof and "structures" includes asphalt and concrete paving.
Lot coverage means the portion or percentage of the area of a lot upon which buildings are erected.
Lot coverage means the percentage of the lot area, covered by all buildings and structures above grade, and shall not include the portion of such lot area which is occupied by a structure or portion thereof which is completely below grade, and for the purposes of this definition, the lot coverage in each zone shall be deemed to apply only to that portion of such lot which is located within said zone.

Examples of Lot coverage in a sentence

  • Minimum Front Setback 25 feet 25 feet 20 feet 20 feetMinimum Side Setback 5 feet 5 feet 0 feet 5 feet Minimum Rear Setback 15 feet 15 feet 15 feet 15 feet Maximum Lot Coverage 50% 50% 50% 50% Roadways & Access: One entrance is located along Post Salter Road, directly across from where Hamlin Street would intersect Post Salter Road.

  • Lot Coverage – single storey only(maximum) 40% 2003-09 (37) Notwithstanding the provisions of Section 1(1) and 2(6) of this Part G, and the provisions of Section 14 of Part C, within the area zoned R4-35, the only permitted uses shall be a single detached residential dwelling, as well as an assembly hall and accessory office operated in conjunction with the undertaking establishment located at Municipal Number 80 Highland Avenue.

More Definitions of Lot coverage

Lot coverage means the total horizontal area of all buildings or parts thereof, as measured from the outermost perimeter of all buildings on the lot, and expressed as a percentage of the total area of the lot;
Lot coverage means that percentage of the area of a lot covered by the perpendicular projections onto a horizontal plane of the floor areas of all buildings or mobile homes on the lot, excluding balconies, canopies and overhanging eaves which are 2 metres (6.56 feet) or more in height above finished grade.
Lot coverage means any surface artificially covered or hardened so as to prevent or impede the percolation of water into the soil including, but not limited to, roof tops, paved areas, swimming pools, and decks.
Lot coverage means that portion of the lot area covered by the principal building, accessory buildings or similar covered structures;
Lot coverage means the area of a lot covered by a building or buildings expressed as a percentage of the total lot area.
Lot coverage means the ratio of enclosed ground floor area of all buildings on a lot to the horizontally projected area of the lot, expressed as a percentage.
Lot coverage means that percentage of the total lot area covered by the horizontal area of all buildings, including the area on each floor above grade, exclusive of canopies, balconies and overhanging eaves which are not less than 2.5 metres above finished grade.