Locally definition

Locally in clause a) hereof shall mean the area of the County Council of Cumbria.
Locally means in any part of the common customs area;
Locally means within the city of Southampton, or Hampshire if the requirement cannot be sourced within Southampton

Examples of Locally in a sentence

  • Small and Emerging Locally Owned Business: The County is vitally interested in promoting the growth of small and emerging local businesses by means of increasing the participation of these businesses in the County’s purchase of goods and services.As a result of the County’s commitment to advance the economic opportunities of these businesses, Bidders must meet the County’s Small and Emerging Locally Owned Business requirements in order to be considered for the contract award.

  • As a result, there is no requirement to subcontract with another business in order to satisfy the County’s Small and Emerging Locally owned Business provision.

  • Locally elected representatives include but are not restricted to the Member of Parliament, Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly, or Northern Ireland Assembly, Local Authority Chief Executive, Ward Councillors, Parish or Community Council.

  • The Administrator of Purchasing, with the approval of the County Mayor, shall adopt and promulgate, and may from time to time, amend rules and regulations not inconsistent with the provisions of this ordinance, governing the purchase of goods and services from locally owned small business concerns to effectuate and implement the Locally Owned Small Business Purchasing Program within the intent of this ordinance.

  • Pursuant to DSBS rules, construction contracts that include a requirement for a M/WBE Utilization Plan shall not be subject to the law governing Locally Based Enterprises set forth in Section 6-108.1 of the Administrative Code of the City of New York.

More Definitions of Locally

Locally means within the Town of Midland, Town of Penetanguishene, Township of Tay or the Township of Tiny.
Locally means a particular segment or the reach of a river which is characterized by the distance that encompasses several river bends or wave lengths, each being a minimum of eight or more channel widths.
Locally means the area of the County Council of Cumbria & Moss View must be the only or principal home of the occupant. (i.e. occupied more than half of every year).
Locally means the area of the County Council of Cumbria.
Locally is defined as the delivery of cells into the skin and/or epicutaneous and /or subcutaneous space at or adjacent to an affected area. This Field of use may not be used or marketed to treat the underlying systemic conditions that may be the causes of hair loss, such as thyroid or hormone regulation, or immune disorders, though in such cases it may be used as a localized treatment into the skin or subcutaneous space at or adjacent to an affected area. This Hair Field specifically excludes any and all marketing and use of the Celution Products for the treatment of thermal and radiation xxxxx to the skin, as well as any systemic(such as intravascular, blood vessel) delivery of cells.
Locally means that they can be treated as so-called "stoppers". D2,cav is sometimes called the "track-end term".
Locally means for h L, where L = length scale of Y (t); fy(t, ξ) treated as a constant. (For systems replace fy by Jacobian of system.) Thus stability is usually only considered for f (t, y) = λy, where λ is a constant (complex for systems).