Local Work definition

Local Work means a work constructed or intended to be constructed by or under the control of a local authority, or for the time being under the control of a local authority:
Local Work means any journey that is not a Long Distance Operation.
Local Work means work involving the transportation of a car to and from places both of which are within the area of a circle of a radius of 50 kilometres the centre of which is the terminal of the Principal Contractor at which the Contract Carrier is based.

Examples of Local Work in a sentence

  • Local Work Templates (LWTs) - Work templates that are prepared to provide instruction or support for work frequently occurring in ship repair that is unique to a specific geographic location.

  • Supervisors must adhere to all aspects of the NRV Regional Jail SOP 150 (A) of Local Work Programs/Work Assignment Eligibility.

  • Employees who are not classified as Distant Workers nor International Distant Workers under this Agreement shall be classified as Local Workers and shall be entitled to the conditions contained at Appendix 8 – Local Work Provisions of this Agreement.

  • Suggested Best PracticesResponsible PartnerAdult education and the Local Work Investment Board (LWIB) develop and sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) covering both literacy and, when available, vocational programs.

  • The County Board Chair shall appoint one (1) member of the Planning, Zoning, Land and Water Conservation Committee to the USDA Local Work Group for a two (2) year term, subject to confirmation of the County Board.

  • The USDA Local Work Group shall be comprised of the County Conservationist, one (1) member of the Farm Service Agency County Office Committee, the County Executive Director of the Farm Service Agency, the UWEX Agricultural Agent, the District Conservationist-Natural Resources Conservation Service, and one (1) member of the Land and Water Conservation Committee.

  • Minnesota Housing offers funding through an annual Single Family Request for Proposal (RFP) to assist communities in addressing local housing concerns by leveraging resources to maintain and develop owner-occupied housing that is Affordable to the Local Work Force.

  • Department for Transport, Urban Planning and the Arts (Transport SA) (State) Enterprise Bargaining Agreement, 1997 Clause 19 - Local Work Flexibility Changes Voting on any issue or change which affects a limited number of employees shall be restricted to the affected employees.

  • In FY 2012, the Hurricane Creek watershed may be designated as a priority watershed in EQIP by the Local Work Group, and thus additional assistance may be available for conservation implementation if requested.

  • For example, NRCS State Technical Committees and Local Work Groups could reach out to and include non-farming landowners.

More Definitions of Local Work

Local Work means all work within 200kms of the employee’s Home Base and any heavy vehicle operations that do not involve a Long Distance Operation; excepting that Berri-Reynella work shall be as provided for in clause 9.8 of this Agreement.
Local Work means delivery of Goods to the metropolitan area of Sydney, within a radius of 80 kilometres from CSR’s plants at Xxxxx Xxxx, Xxxxxxx Park, and Schofields.
Local Work means delivery of CSR’s goods up to 80 kilometres from the Sydney plants at Xxxxx Xxxx, Xxxxxxx Park, and Schofields

Related to Local Work

  • Electrical work Concealed and fire resistant wiring of “ISI” Copper Wire, Distribution board with “MCB”. “ISI” xxxx modular electrical accessories, Landline phone conduit, Cable TV wiring conduit, Separate line for inverter connection, Air-conditioner power point. Painting : Long Lasting and weather resistant acrylic paint to all external walls, All internal walls with white cement based putty finish with OBD. Plumbing & Sanitation : Sanitary xxxx for toilets, plumbing fixtures, CPVC/UPVC pipe and fitting(ISI make), SWR drainage system. Kitchen: Granite platform, ceramic tiles dado upto 2’ height, Stainless Steel sink in Kitchen, Aquaguard point, Connection for washing machine in wash area.

  • aerial work means an aircraft operation in which an aircraft is used for specialised services such as agriculture, construction, photography, surveying, observation and patrol, search and rescue, and aerial advertisement;

  • Project Work means the work required to complete the Project.

  • Shift Work is defined as the same work performed by two or more employees or two or more successive sets or groups of employees working successive periods.

  • piece-work means any work the pay for which is estimated by the amount of work performed irrespective of the time occupied in its performance;

  • Additional Work to mean additions or deletions or modifications to the amount, type or value of the Work and Services as required in this Contract, as directed and/or approved by the County.

  • Extra Work means any work which is determined by City to be necessary for the proper completion of the Project, but which the Parties did not reasonably anticipate would be necessary at the execution of this Agreement. Consultant shall not perform, nor be compensated for, Extra Work without written authorization from City’s Representative.

  • Installation Work means the construction and installation of the System and the Start-up, testing and acceptance (but not the operation and maintenance) thereof; all performed by or for the Power Producer at the Premises.

  • Work means all Services to be performed, goods to be delivered, and any appurtenant actions performed, and items produced, conceived, or developed, including Deliverables.

  • New Work means any Services/Deliverables outside the scope of the Contract and not specifically provided under any Statement of Work, that once added will result in the need to provide the Contractor with additional consideration.

  • ordinary hours of work means the hours of work permitted in terms of clause 11;

  • job work means any treatment or process undertaken by a person on goods belonging to another registered person and the expression “job worker” shall be construed accordingly;

  • DAY WORK means on item of work requiring the employment of labour with or without materials as the case may be, which, in the opinion of the Senior Engineer /Civil-in-charge, is not capable of being evaluated by the accepted methods of measurement or assessment and is paid for on the basis of the actual labour and materials utilised on the particular item of work referred to.

  • Construction Contractor means a person who undertakes to or offers to undertake to, or purports to have the capacity to undertake to, or submits a bid to, or does himself or by or through others, construct, alter, repair, add to, subtract from, improve, move, wreck, or demolish any building, highway, road, railroad, excavation, or other structure, project, development, or improvement to real property, or to do any part thereof. "Construction contractor" includes subcontractors, specialty contractors, prime contractors, and any person receiving consideration for the general supervision and/or coordination of such a construction project except for remediation contracting. This definition shall govern without regard to whether or not the construction contractor is acting in fulfillment of a contract.

  • Construction Work means any work in connection with⎯

  • Tenant Improvements Defined in Exhibit B, if any.

  • Digital audio-visual work means a series of related images which, when shown in succession, imparts an impression of motion, together with accompanying sounds, if any.