LIBOR Margin definition

LIBOR Margin has the meaning given that term in Section 2.2.(c)(ii)(D).
LIBOR Margin means, with respect to each Floating Rate LIBOR Loan made on the same Loan Closing Date, the interest margin over LIBOR (denominated in basis points), announced by Xxxxxx in advance of such Loan Closing Date and set forth in the TALF Standing Loan Facility Procedures, applicable to Floating Rate LIBOR Loans to be made under TALF on such Loan Closing Date. Loan means a loan made by Lender to a Borrower, through its Applicable Primary Dealer, pursuant to this Agreement. Loan Accrual Date, with respect to any Loan, means the 15th day of each calendar month (or if such day is not a Business Day, the next following Business Day); provided, that the initial Loan Accrual Date with respect to each Loan shall occur in the calendar month following the calendar month in which such Loan is made.
LIBOR Margin means the applicable percent per annum determined in accordance with Subsection 1.2(B).

Examples of LIBOR Margin in a sentence

  • Interest shall accrue and be payable on each Loan made as a LIBOR Loan at a per annum interest rate equal to the LIBOR Basis applicable to such LIBOR Loan plus the Applicable LIBOR Margin.

  • The LIBOR Margin ranges from 1.45% to 2.25% and the Bank’s Base Rate ranges from (0.25)% to 0.00%.

  • The LIBOR Margin may increase to as high as 3.0% depending on the Company’s cash flow leverage ratio.

  • The ABR Margin, LIBOR Margin and the facility fee are based upon our current senior unsecured debt rating.

  • If the Borrower is required to pay any outstanding LIBOR Loans or LIBOR Margin Loans by reason of this Section prior to the end of the applicable Interest Period therefor, the Borrower shall pay all amounts due under Section 4.4.

More Definitions of LIBOR Margin

LIBOR Margin shall have the meaning set forth in the Mezzanine Note.
LIBOR Margin has the meaning assigned to such term in the definition of Applicable Margin.
LIBOR Margin shall have the meaning set forth in the Note.
LIBOR Margin in Section 1 of the Credit Agreement is hereby amended in its entirety to read as follows:
LIBOR Margin means two and one-half percent (2.50%).
LIBOR Margin. As determined from the definition of Applicable Margin.
LIBOR Margin means the per annum interest rate margin from time to time in effect and payable in addition to the (a) LIBOR Rate, with respect to LIBOR Loans denominated in Dollars and (b) BA Rate, with respect to BA Rate Loans denominated in Canadian Dollars, applicable to the Revolver Credit Advances, as determined by reference to the definition of Applicable Margin.