Legislation definition

Legislation means, in relation to a Party, such of the legislation specified in Article 2 as applies in the territory of a Party, or in any part of the territory of that Party;
Legislation means any Act of Parliament or subordinate legislation within the meaning of Section 21(1) of the Interpretation Xxx 0000, any Welsh law within the meaning given to it in section 1(3) of the Legislation (Wales) Xxx 0000, any exercise of the Royal Prerogative, and any enforceable EU right within the meaning of Section 2 of the European Communities Act 1972 (as amended), in each case in the United Kingdom;
Legislation means, in relation to Australia, the laws specified in subparagraph 1(a)(i) of Article 2 except in relation to the application of Part II of the Agreement (including the application of other Parts of the Agreement as they affect the application of that Part) where it means the laws specified in subparagraph 1(a)(ii) of Article 2; and, in relation to Hellas the laws which are specified in subparagraph 1(b) of Article 2;

Examples of Legislation in a sentence

  • Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation.

  • Toxicity testing in cosmetics and Safety and Legislation of Cosmetic products.Stability studies: Concept of stability studies.

  • Under provisions of the 2007 Workers’ Compensation Reform Legislation (WCL Section 141-b), any person, or entity substantially owned by that person: subject to a final assessment of civil fines or penalties, subject to a stop-work order, or convicted of a misdemeanor for violation of Workers’ Compensation laws Section 52 or 131, is barred from bidding on, or being awarded, any public work contract or subcontract with the State, any municipal corporation or public body for one year for each violation.

  • Legislation reflects the minimum standards acceptable, and is therefore a lowest common perspective on transport performance.

  • In deciding whether to impose the conditions the32 administering authority must have regard to any 33 submissions made by the applicant within the 34 Environmental Protection and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2022 Part 2 Amendment of Environmental Protection Act 1994 [s 53] stated period.

More Definitions of Legislation

Legislation means bills, resolutions, motions, amendments,
Legislation means every statute (and any orders, regulations or other subordinate legislation made under it) applying to the company;
Legislation means bills, resolutions, motions,
Legislation means the Act and the regulation. (« mesures législatives »)