primary legislation definition

primary legislation means an Act, Act of the Scottish Parliament or Act or Measure of the National Assembly for Wales;
primary legislation means an Act (including this Act) or Northern Ireland legislation;
primary legislation means any—

Examples of primary legislation in a sentence

  • Primary legislation by Caffee often avoids publication while publication of the regulations and directives are numbered.

  • Primary legislation will be required to abolish the £8,500 threshold for BiKs which is currently in legislation4.

  • Primary legislation implementing EU law will be automatically “assimilated” at the end of 2023.

  • Some respondents were concerned about the complexity of the Primary legislation, particularly as the Charities Act 1993 would be amended by both the Charities Act 2006 and the draft section 77 Order.

  • Primary legislation is agreed on the basis of direct negotiations between member states' governments.

More Definitions of primary legislation

primary legislation. (“deddfwriaeth sylfaenol”) means—
primary legislation means any provision of
primary legislation means any of the following—
primary legislation means— 10
primary legislation means— 35
primary legislation means— 25
primary legislation means Northern Ireland legislation or any provision of an Act of Parliament of the United Kingdom that would be within the legislative competence of the Assembly were that provision contained in an Act of the Assembly;