Legislature definition

Legislature means the Legislature of Singapore;
Legislature means the Legislature of the County of Suffolk.
Legislature means the Parliament of Western Australia;

Examples of Legislature in a sentence

  • A recording of the hearing will be available online via Guam Legislature Media on YouTube after the hearing.

  • The text included in this publication reflects changes made through the Second Regular Session of the 130th Maine Legislature and is current through October 1, 2022.

  • Purpose of the new rule or reason for the change(Why is the agency submitting this filing?):S.B. 82, passed by the Utah Legislature in the 2022 General Session and signed into law by the Governor on 03/24/2022 which:(1) eliminated the State Building Board;(2) gave duties of the former State Building Board to the Division of Facilities Construction and Management; and(3) made technical and conforming changes.

  • Often t imes those bills a r e concluded by the time they come to the Legislature.

  • Senator L y n ch, please.SENATOR LYNCH: Mr. Chairman and members of the Legislature, I would like to take the opportunity to nominate, for Chairman of Transportation, Howard Lamb.

More Definitions of Legislature

Legislature means the Utah State Legislature, its members, staff, staff offices, and all employees and agents of the Utah State Legislature and of its staff offices.
Legislature means the Nitijela of the Republic;
Legislature means members of the Legislature officially convened to exercise Constitutional powers pursuant to the Constitution of the Ho-Chunk Nation.
Legislature means the Ho-Chunk Nation Legislature.
Legislature means the Indiana general assembly.
Legislature means the legislative department of state government established by article 2, section 1 of the Wyoming constitution;
Legislature means the Legislature as defined in the Government Act;