Agent definition

Agent means any person who is or was a director, officer or employee of the Company or a subsidiary of the Company or other person authorized by the Company to act for the Company, to include such person serving in such capacity as a director, officer, employee, fiduciary or other official of another corporation, partnership, limited liability company, joint venture, trust or other enterprise at the request of, for the convenience of, or to represent the interests of the Company or a subsidiary of the Company.
Agent means any Registrar, Paying Agent or co-registrar.

Examples of Agent in a sentence

  • ICANN reserves the right to withhold its consent to any Escrow Agent, escrow agreement, or any amendment thereto, all in its sole discretion.

  • Prior to entering into an escrow agreement, the Registry Operator must provide notice to ICANN as to the identity of the Escrow Agent, and provide ICANN with contact information and a copy of the relevant escrow agreement, and all amendments thereto.

  • Escrow Agent will be required to (i) hold and maintain the Deposits in a secure, locked, and environmentally safe facility, which is accessible only to authorized representatives of Escrow Agent, (ii) protect the integrity and confidentiality of the Deposits using commercially reasonable measures and (iii) keep and safeguard each Deposit for one (1) year.

  • Escrow Agent may be permitted to duplicate any Deposit, in order to comply with the terms and provisions of the escrow agreement.

  • If Escrow Agent receives a subpoena or any other order from a court or other judicial tribunal pertaining to the disclosure or release of the Deposits, Escrow Agent will promptly notify the Registry Operator and ICANN unless prohibited by law.

More Definitions of Agent

Agent means any Registrar or Paying Agent.
Agent means any Registrar, co-registrar, Paying Agent or additional paying agent.
Agent means the Initial Agent or such Person to whom the Initial Agent shall delegate its duties hereunder, and after the Securitization Date shall mean the Master Servicer.
Agent means such successor agent effective upon its appointment, and the former Agent’s rights, powers and duties as Agent shall be terminated, without any other or further act or deed on the part of such former Agent. After any Agent’s resignation as Agent, the provisions of this Article XIV shall inure to its benefit as to any actions taken or omitted to be taken by it while it was Agent under this Agreement.
Agent means any Registrar, Paying Agent or Notice Agent.
Agent means any Registrar, Paying Agent, co-registrar or agent for service of notices and demands.
Agent means any Registrar, Paying Agent or Service Agent.