Late Call definition

Late Call means needs identified after a Nursing Services shift has started.
Late Call is defined as 30 minutes passed the allocated call time in the agreed Package of Care. Suspensions and Restarts

Examples of Late Call in a sentence

  • Late Call Entry - The system shall permit a user who has just re-entered radio coverage or was engaged in another call to late enter into a talkgroup call in progress.

  • Presented by: Aaron AbbottMr. Aaron Abbott began his presentation by reporting that the item was intended to add amended language to the REMSA Late Call Exemption Criteria that is authorized by the District Health Officer.

  • If the Nursing Services Professional fails to show up for the shift, the State will not pay for a Late Call.

  • A Missed/ Late Call notification is the form that Domiciliary Care Providers within Neath Port Talbot must submit to the NPTCBC Commissioning Team to report any calls which were missed by staff or were delivered more than 90 mins late.

  • Late Call When Client requests Candidate less than one (1) hour prior to the scheduled start of a shift, Client will be billed for that Candidate from the scheduled start of the shift; except if Candidate actually reports to and commences work later than one (1) hour after the start of the shift, Client will only be billed for all actual hours worked.

  • In this context, there are no roaming call legs; hence is out of the separation scope Late Call Forward consists of call forward initiated in the visited network after the call has been routed to the VMSC.

  • Late Call Cancellations – When a reservation is cancelled by the passenger within 20 minutes of the beginning of the scheduled pick-up window it is considered a Late Call Cancellation and the contractor may bill Metro the same rate for a no-show.

  • CR 23.018-115r2 specifies that the CAMEL No-reply timer (which is started when a call is extended to the destination VMSC) is stopped if the call is subject to Optimal Routeing of Late Call Forwarding.

  • The Company quarterly updates the analysts, institutional investors, etc., through a formal presentation on its financials as well as other business developments.

  • ADDITIONAL SERVICES/FEES: Additional fees may apply including, but not limited to: De-icing, FBO Handling Fees and/or Late Call out fees, Ramp/Landing fees or Hangar fees, Flight Phone usage, Catering, Ground Transportation, Special Services and/or Event Fees.

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  • Acceptance and Prepayment Notice means a notice of the Borrower’s acceptance of the Acceptable Discount in substantially the form of Exhibit M.

  • Retraction Notice has the meaning set forth in Section 11.01(c).

  • Repurchase Request Rejection As defined in Section 2.03(a) of this Agreement.

  • On-Net Calls means calls between the Service and any of the following CenturyLink QCC Services: SIP Trunk, Managed VoIP, Hosted VoIP, Analog VoIP, Digital VoIP, or Integrated Access, and that are transmitted through the Service entirely over the CenturyLink QCC IP network and not the PSTN or another carrier’s IP network.

  • Redemption Notice Date means, with respect to a Redemption, the date on which the Company sends the Redemption Notice for such Redemption pursuant to Section 4.03(F).

  • Initial Rate of Interest means the initial rate of interest per annum specified as such in the relevant Final Terms;

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  • Optional Redemption Notice Date shall have the meaning set forth in Section 6(a).

  • Notice Date has the meaning specified in Section 2.10.

  • Default Rate of Interest means the rate of interest otherwise payable on the principal of the Securities plus 1% per annum.

  • Selection Notice means a notice substantially in the form set out in Part II of Schedule 3 (Requests) given in accordance with Clause 9 (Interest Periods).

  • Default Repayment Date means the settlement date set out by the Bond Trustee in a Default Notice requesting early redemption of the Bonds.

  • Rate Determination Notice has the meaning specified in Section 3.07(g).

  • Escalation Notice has the meaning set forth in Section 8.02.

  • Auction Notice has the meaning assigned to such term in the definition of “Dutch Auction”.

  • Prepayment Notice means a notice by the Borrower to prepay Loans, which shall be in such form as the Appropriate Party may approve.

  • Responsive Bid means a Bid that complies with each of the provisions of this RFB, or is either an alternative bid or a bid with an exception, if accepted by the Agency.

  • Par Call Date means (i) with respect to the 2026 Notes, June 15, 2026 (the date that is one month prior to the Stated Maturity of the principal of the 2026 Notes) and (ii) with respect to the 2031 Notes, April 15, 2031 (the date that is three months prior to the Stated Maturity of the principal of the 2031 Notes).

  • Repayment Notice Each notice required to be delivered by the Borrower pursuant to Section 2.3 in respect of any reduction in the Facility Amount or repayment of Advances Outstanding, in the form of Exhibit A-2.

  • Discount Range Prepayment Response Date has the meaning set forth in Section 2.05(a)(v)(C)(1).

  • Service Call A visit to Your Residence by one of HomeServe’s approved local technicians, where work is performed to diagnose and complete a single repair, or where it is determined the repair is not covered.

  • Optional Redemption Notice shall have the meaning set forth in Section 6(a).

  • Acceleration Notice has the meaning provided in Section 6.02.