Laboratory Attendant definition

Laboratory Attendant means an employee who is required to carry out general laboratory duties including sample preparation and assistance in project work.
Laboratory Attendant means an employee, other than a professional employee, trainee professional employee, paint technician, laboratory assistant, trainee laboratory assistant or laboratory assistant or laboratory tester who is engaged in a laboratory or test department, and whose duties are principally those of cleaning laboratory equipment and may include the replenishment of laboratory raw materials.
Laboratory Attendant means an employee, not otherwise defined, who is engaged in a laboratory or test department, and whose duties include the cleaning of laboratory equipment.

Examples of Laboratory Attendant in a sentence

  • Review the best practice; this is new policy (EA Manual 1.2) regarding W-2 Emergency Payment.

  • Mate (Electrical), Chowkidar, Helper, Sweeper, Cleaner Swereman, Khalasi, Electrical Beldar, Bhisti, Store Attendant, Laboratory Attendant (Under Matric), Pump Attendant, Boat Man, Process Server, White Washer, Syce, Peon, Frash, Chainman, Un-Skilled Labourer, Quarry Man) Jumper Man, Driller, Sprayman, Assistant Saw Mill Operator, Feller (Garani), Logger, Dresser (Pachani), Climber (Looper), Zoo Animal Attendant, Fire Watcher Grinder for Chips Flooring, Calliperman, Misc.

  • Each laboratory is authorized two staff members, Laboratory In-Charge and Laboratory Attendant.

  • The Petitioner prayed for a writ of mandamus to compel the ADI to revoke, annul, or withdraw the Memorandum dated October 14, 2020, whereby the ADI had communicated the dissolution of the panel responsible for appointing Group D (Laboratory Attendant) staff (hereinafter referred to as ‘position of laboratory attendant’), citing various grounds as detailed in the memo.

  • No new Computer Laboratory Attendant would be appointed in the schools.

  • The Laboratory Attendant, upon completing and passing the Certified Morgue Attendant’s course, shall receive an additional ten dollars ($10) per month.

  • Applications must be received at least 30 days prior to the QAB meeting date.

  • Similarly, the filling up of the vacancy of Group D (Laboratory Attendant) staff can only have been carried out by the West Bengal School Service Commission as per the West Bengal School Service Commission (selection of persons for Appointment to the post of Non-teaching staff) Rules, 2009 as well.

  • In thecurrent case, a single vacancy of clerk and two vacancies for Laboratory Attendant has been vacant and litigation against it has continued since 2009.

  • For running the guest house, offices, pantry, first aid, labs and bus (vehicles),Receptionist (1), Staff Nurse (1), Laboratory Technician (1), Office Attendant (2), Library Attendant (1), Laboratory Attendant (2),Driver (1)are required.

More Definitions of Laboratory Attendant

Laboratory Attendant means an employee who is required to –
Laboratory Attendant means an employee who under general supervision assists in a laboratory or test room and whose duties may include sampling, testing, recording, bottle washing and the care of materials used in a laboratory or test room.

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