Laboratory Attendant definition

Laboratory Attendant means an employee, other than a professional employee, trainee professional employee, paint technician, laboratory assistant, trainee laboratory assistant or laboratory assistant or laboratory tester who is engaged in a laboratory or test department, and whose duties are principally those of cleaning laboratory equipment and may include the replenishment of laboratory raw materials.
Laboratory Attendant means an employee, not otherwise defined, who is engaged in a laboratory or test department, and whose duties include the cleaning of laboratory equipment.

Examples of Laboratory Attendant in a sentence

  • Mate (Electrical), Chowkidar, Helper, Sweeper, Cleaner Swereman, Khalasi, Electrical Beldar, Bhisti, Store Attendant, Laboratory Attendant (Under Matric), Pump Attendant, Boat Man, Process Server, White Washer, Syce, Peon, Frash, Chainman, Un-Skilled Labourer, Quarry Man) Jumper Man, Driller, Sprayman, Assistant Saw Mill Operator, Feller (Garani), Logger, Dresser (Pachani), Climber (Looper), Zoo Animal Attendant, Fire Watcher Grinder for Chips Flooring, Calliperman, Misc.

  • Each laboratory is authorized two staff members, Laboratory In-Charge and Laboratory Attendant.

  • Review the best practice; this is new policy (EA Manual 1.2) regarding W-2 Emergency Payment.

  • The Laboratory Attendant, upon completing and passing the Certified Morgue Attendant’s course, shall receive an additional ten dollars ($10) per month.

  • The Army Schools/Army Public Schools who have more than 100 computers may employ computer Laboratory Attendant in addition to Computer Laboratory Technician.

  • While the parties have agreed on an across the board wage increase of 1.4% effective April 1, 2018, and an across the board wage increase of 1.75% effective April 1, 2019, the Union is also seeking wage adjustments for three classifications: Medical Laboratory Technologist 1 [Registered Technologist] (“MLT 1”); Medical Laboratory Technologist 2 [Senior Registered Technologist] (“MLT 2”); and, Laboratory Attendant 2 [Technician 3-Laboratory Technician] (“LA 2”).

  • Eligible candidates are invited to attend WALK-IN INTERVIEW on 28.02.2020 for one post of Laboratory Attendant (LA) for an Extramural project no.

  • For running the guest house, offices, pantry, first aid, labs and bus (vehicles),Receptionist (1), Staff Nurse (1), Laboratory Technician (1), Office Attendant (2), Library Attendant (1), Laboratory Attendant (2),Driver (1)are required.

  • For the purpose of HRA, fellowship/lump sum amount for Research Associate, Research Fellows/ Project Fellows, Technical Assistant, Laboratory Assistant, Laboratory Attendant, Field Assistant, Drivers and Field Attendant will be taken as the basic pay.

  • Road, Tatibandh, Raipur-492 099 (CG) Advertisement for the post of one Laboratory Attendant (LA) on contract basisunder Extramural Operational Research project under NTEP, entitled “Evaluation of Fluorescein Diacetate viability staining during follow up examination of smear positive pulmonary TB patients put on category I daily treatment regimento identify the patients requiring DST at the end of intensive phase”at AIIMS, RIAPUR.

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Laboratory Attendant means an employee who is required to –

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