ISMS definition

ISMS. The Information Security Management System as defined by ISO/IEC 27001. The scope of the ISMS will be as agreed by the parties and will directly reflect the scope of the Services;
ISMS the information security management system and process developed by the Supplier in accordance with paragraph 98 (ISMS) as updated from time to time in accordance with this Schedule 7; and
ISMS means Information Security Management System. It consists of an information security organization and a set of policies, guidelines and procedures concerned with information security management.

Examples of ISMS in a sentence

  • Non-compliance with an approved ISMS that results in a near miss of a Type A or B accident.

  • Failure to develop and obtain required DOE approval of an ISMS is considered first degree.

  • They include failures to comply with an approved ISMS that result in potential breakdown of the System.

  • They include failures to comply with an approved ISMS that result in an actual injury, exposure, or exceedence that occurred or nearly occurred but had minor practical long-term health consequences.

  • Failure to implement continuous improvement in ESH&Q performance through effective utilization of ISMS processes, including timely submittal of meaningful performance objectives, measurements and commitments.

More Definitions of ISMS

ISMS or “Information Security Management System” means a management system based on a systematic business risk approach to establish, implement, operate, monitor, review, maintain and improve information security. It is an organisational approach to information security.
ISMS. : 'Ism' means any belief in terms of a 'thought-system' that we have, or that we have adopted. There are also many modern 'isms' such as capitalism, socialism, communism, etc. The people following these sets of beliefs are called capitalists, socialists, communists, and so on. The people that have adopted them or are following them have been exposed to them since childhood. Believing theirs to be the right belief. However, all beliefs, as we have seen are at the level of desires, thoughts and expectations (selections) in 'I'. There is no definiteness at this level, and hence, this becomes a cause for differentiation.
ISMS means Information Security Management Systems. ‘’E-Waste” means Electronic Waste.
ISMS means the Information Security Management System in force for the Processor at any given time. We strive to constantly update and develop Our security measures, to achieve ever-increased integrity of information and promote a culture of awareness and consciousness in the handling of delicate information. The goal is to maximize the security of information while maintaining efficiency in the operation of and pricing of Our products and services. It is the policy of the Processor that its ISMS covers the key-aspects of the operations of the company; software development, the provision of IT services, consulting, hosting and management. When developing and implementing its ISMS the Processor will endeavour to follow the generally accepted industry standards and processes that are the best fit at the relevant point in time. A description of the ISMS (and Our Information Security Policy) that is currently in force can be found on Our website – ISMS.
ISMS. Manager means Information Security Management system manager