Collective Investment Sample Clauses

Collective Investment. Trustee is authorized to invest the Participating Trust assets delivered to it in the CIF or CIFs as directed by the RIA, TPA, or Custodian. The Participating Trust may request a copy of the Declaration of Trust, free of charge, from Trustee. Assets of the Participating Trust managed under this Agreement may be commingled with assets of other tax- exempt employee benefit trusts in a CIF.
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Collective Investment. Funds contributed and credited to the Chapter’s Endowment Account will be invested and managed collectively in an omnibus account with funds from other Endowment Accounts established for other chapters of the TeamMates Mentoring Program. The Foundation shall maintain accounting policies and systems that are reasonably designed to separately account for the income/loss allocable to the Chapter’s Endowment Account and to periodically report the net fair market value of the Chapter’s Endowment Account. Net fair market value shall be determined by the Foundation in its reasonable discretion, based on the market value of the securities and other assets held, less reasonable costs and expenses under generally accepted accounting principles applicable to the Foundation.
Collective Investment. Trustee is authorized to invest the Participating Trust assets delivered to it in the Fund as directed by the TPA or Custodian or Platform. Assets of the Participating Trust managed under this Agreement may be commingled with assets of other tax-exempt employee benefit trusts in the Fund or in a CIF or other pooled investment vehicle in which the Fund is invested.
Collective Investment. Schemes (Unit Trusts)

Related to Collective Investment

  • PIPE Investment (a) Acquiror has delivered to the Company true, correct and complete copies of each of the Subscription Agreements entered into by Acquiror with the applicable PIPE Investors named therein, pursuant to which the PIPE Investors have committed to provide equity financing to Acquiror solely for purposes of consummating the Transactions in the aggregate amount of not less than $225,000,000 (the “PIPE Investment Amount”). To the knowledge of Acquiror, with respect to each PIPE Investor, the Subscription Agreement with such PIPE Investor is in full force and effect and has not been withdrawn or terminated, or otherwise amended or modified, in any respect, and no withdrawal, termination, amendment or modification is contemplated by Acquiror. Each Subscription Agreement is a legal, valid and binding obligation of Acquiror and, to the knowledge of Acquiror, each PIPE Investor, and neither the execution or delivery by any party thereto nor the performance of any party’s obligations under any such Subscription Agreement violates or will violate any Laws. There are no other agreements, side letters, or arrangements between Acquiror and any PIPE Investor that could affect the obligation of such PIPE Investors to contribute to Acquiror the applicable portion of the PIPE Investment Amount set forth in the Subscription Agreement of such PIPE Investors, and, as of the date hereof, Acquiror does not know of any facts or circumstances that may reasonably be expected to result in any of the conditions set forth in any Subscription Agreement not being satisfied, or the PIPE Investment Amount not being available to Acquiror, on the Closing Date. No event has occurred that, with or without notice, lapse of time or both, would constitute a default or breach on the part of Acquiror under any material term or condition of any Subscription Agreement and, as of the date hereof, Acquiror has no reason to believe that it will be unable to satisfy in all respects on a timely basis any condition to closing or material term to be satisfied by it contained in any Subscription Agreement. The Subscription Agreements contain all of the conditions precedent (other than the conditions contained in this Agreement) to the obligations of the PIPE Investors to contribute to Acquiror the applicable portion of the PIPE Investment Amount set forth in the Subscription Agreements on the terms therein.

  • Speculative Investment Purchaser’s investment in the Company represented by the Plan Shares is highly speculative in nature and is subject to a high degree of risk of loss in whole or in part. The amount of such investment is within Purchaser’s risk capital means and is not so great in relation to Purchaser’s total financial resources as would jeopardize the personal financial needs of Purchaser or Purchaser’s family in the event such investment were lost in whole or in part.

  • Commingling, Exchange and Investment of the Contributions 2.1. The Contributions shall be accounted for as a single trust fund and shall be kept separate and apart from the funds of the Bank. The Contributions may be commingled with other trust fund assets maintained by the Bank.

  • Investment Assets Those assets of the Fund as the Advisor and the Fund shall specify in writing, from time to time, including cash, stocks, bonds and other securities that the Advisor deposits with the Custodian and places under the investment supervision of the Sub-Advisor, together with any assets that are added at a subsequent date or which are received as a result of the sale, exchange or transfer of such Investment Assets.

  • Investments Make any Investments, except:

  • The Investment Account; Eligible Investments (a) Not later than the Withdrawal Date, the Master Servicer shall withdraw or direct the withdrawal of funds in the Custodial Accounts for P&I, for deposit in the Investment Account, in an amount representing:

  • Investment of Exchange Fund The Exchange Agent shall invest any cash included in the Exchange Fund, as directed by Parent, on a daily basis. Any interest and other income resulting from such investments shall be paid to Parent.

  • OTHER INVESTMENT ACTIVITIES OF THE SUB-ADVISER The Fund acknowledges that the Sub-Adviser or one or more of its affiliated persons may have investment responsibilities or render investment advice to or perform other investment advisory services for other individuals or entities and that the Sub-Adviser, its affiliated persons or any of its or their directors, officers, agents or employees may buy, sell or trade in any securities for its or their own respective accounts ("Affiliated Accounts"). Subject to the provisions of Section 7(b) hereof, the Fund agrees that the Sub-Adviser or its affiliated persons may give advice or exercise investment responsibility and take such other action with respect to other Affiliated Accounts which may differ from the advice given or the timing or nature of action taken with respect to the Series Account, provided that the Sub-Adviser acts in good faith, and provided further, that it is the Sub-Adviser's policy to allocate, within its reasonable discretion, investment opportunities to the Series Account over a period of time on a fair and equitable basis relative to the Affiliated Accounts, taking into account the investment objective and policies of the Series and any specific investment restrictions applicable thereto. The Fund acknowledges that one or more of the Affiliated Accounts may at any time hold, acquire, increase, decrease, dispose of or otherwise deal with positions in investments in which the Series Account may have an interest from time to time, whether in transactions which involve the Series Account or otherwise. The Sub-Adviser shall have no obligation to acquire for the Series Account a position in any investment which any Affiliated Account may acquire, and the Fund shall have no first refusal, co-investment or other rights in respect of any such investment, either for the Series Account or otherwise.

  • Average Invested Assets For a specified period, the average of the aggregate book value of the assets of the Company invested, directly or indirectly, in Investments before deducting depreciation, bad debts or other non-cash reserves, computed by taking the average of such values at the end of each month during such period.

  • Acceptable Investment The Company has no knowledge of any circumstances or conditions with respect to the Mortgage Loan, the Mortgaged Property, the Mortgagor or the Mortgagor's credit standing that can reasonably be expected to cause private institutional investors to regard the Mortgage Loan as an unacceptable investment, cause the Mortgage Loan to become delinquent, or adversely affect the value or marketability of the Mortgage Loan;

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