Collective Investment Sample Clauses

Collective Investment. Trustee is authorized to invest the Participating Trust assets delivered to it in the CIF or CIFs as directed by the RIA, TPA, or Custodian. The Participating Trust may request a copy of the Declaration of Trust, free of charge, from Trustee. Assets of the Participating Trust managed under this Agreement may be commingled with assets of other tax- exempt employee benefit trusts in a CIF.
Collective Investment. Funds contributed and credited to the Chapter’s Endowment Account will be invested and managed collectively in an omnibus account with funds from other Endowment Accounts established for other chapters of the TeamMates Mentoring Program. The Foundation shall maintain accounting policies and systems that are reasonably designed to separately account for the income/loss allocable to the Chapter’s Endowment Account and to periodically report the net fair market value of the Chapter’s Endowment Account. Net fair market value shall be determined by the Foundation in its reasonable discretion, based on the market value of the securities and other assets held, less reasonable costs and expenses under generally accepted accounting principles applicable to the Foundation.
Collective Investment. Schemes (Unit Trusts)
Collective Investment. DeFi AM can achieve the following benefits as collective investment.1. The scale effect. DeFi AM serves multiple investors at the same time. They can share the investment infrastructure as well as the system development and maintenance costs.

Related to Collective Investment

  • Speculative Investment Transgenomic acknowledges that the investment in Geron represented by the Shares is highly speculative in nature and is subject to a high degree of risk of loss in whole or in part; the amount of such investment is within Transgenomic's risk capital means and is not so great in relation to Transgenomic's total financial resources as would jeopardize the personal financial needs of Transgenomic in the event such investment were lost in whole or in part.

  • Investment Assets Each of the Company and its Consolidated Subsidiaries has good title to all securities, indebtedness and other financial instruments owned by it, free and clear of any material Liens, except to the extent such securities, indebtedness or other financial instruments, as applicable, are pledged in the ordinary course of business consistent with past practice to secure obligations of the Company or its Consolidated Subsidiaries under the Company Outstanding Debt and except for Liens consisting of restrictions on transfer agreed to in respect of investments entered into in the ordinary course of business.

  • Investments Make any Investments, except: