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Investment Report means a report setting forth the applicable Eligible Investments of each Additional Borrower, which report shall be substantially in the form attached hereto as Exhibit F. For the avoidance of doubt, such report shall set forth the Fair Market Value of each Eligible Investment.
Investment Report means a detailed Investment Report provided to the Investment Committee 902 or Board of the Fund on a quarterly basis and the University Trustees and DSO or CU Board at 903 least annually of the Investment Performance of the Fund’s Primary and Secondary Investment 904 Performance Objectives. If Fund investment and management responsibility has been delegated 905 to investment managers, the Investment Report will also describe the Investment Performance of 906 the Fund’s Primary and Secondary Investment Performance Objectives attained by the
Investment Report means a report prepared by us which contains statements and valuations in relation toyour Account over a specified period, usually

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The subject of each Investment Report shall be mutually agreed upon.

The Adviser is freely able to publicly distribute the Investment Report.

In addition, interim Investment Reports shall be issued at such times as may be mutually agreed upon by the Adviser and Subadviser; provided however, that any such interim Investment Report will be due within 10 days of the end of the month in which such agreement is reached between the Adviser and Subadviser.

India improved its position from 12th in 2018 to 9th in 2019 in the list of the world’s largest FDI recipients according to the latest World Investment Report 2020 by United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

World Investment Report 1996: Investment, Trade and International Policy Arrangements.

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Investment Report means a written report, submitted by the Fund to OPIC in accordance with Section 6.7(a)(iii), in substantially the form attached hereto as EXHIBIT T and presenting the information called for therein from inception of the Fund through the end of the relevant fiscal quarter.
Investment Report means any report or other information which, regardless of the specific personal circumstances of the client for whom it is intended, explicitly or implicitly recommends or proposes an investment strategy in relation to one or more financial instruments or issuers of financial instruments, including any opinion on the present or future value or price of such instruments, provided that the information is intended for distribution channels or the public and the investment report is qualified as such, or as financial analysis or any similar term, or is presented as an objective or independent explanation of those issuers or instruments upon which they make recommendations.
Investment Report means the Annual Foreign Investment Report described in section 11A”.
Investment Report means the Annual Foreign Investment Report described in section 11A”; and
Investment Report means the record of investment activity maintained by the Investment Manager with respect to the investment property and the Localities, as described in the Contract.