Internet identifier definition

Internet identifier means an electronic mail address, instant message address or identifier, or any other designation or moniker used for self-identification during internet communication or posting, including all designations used for the purpose of routing or self-identification in internet communications or postings.
Internet identifier means an electronic mail address, user name, screen name, or similar identifier used for the purpose of Internet forum discussions, Internet chat room discussions, instant messaging, social networking, or similar Internet communication.
Internet identifier means any Internet domain name or electronic address, Internet domain name registration, uniform resource locator, social media accounts, or social media account addresses or other identifiers, alpha-numeric designations associated with any of the foregoing, and account names or identifiers, passwords or other credentials to access or modify the access rights to any of the foregoing.

Examples of Internet identifier in a sentence

  • You do not own any Internet identifier allocated to you, and (except where rules of the relevant authority permit you to transfer an Internet identifier to another service provider) you have no right to retain them when your Contract ends.

  • A sheriff who receives notification of change of an Internet account or Internet identifier must notify the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) within three business days.

  • Provision of information relating to identity Upon receiving a matched Internet identifier, the social networking website may make a request of the Attorney General for, and the Attorney General shall provide promptly, information related to the identity of the individual that has registered the matched Internet identifier.

  • The problem is essentially that while each country is assigned an Internet identifier (e.g., .uk for Britain), there is no obligation for everyone in the country to use it, resulting in ambiguity regarding the physical location of a given host.9 These issues result in strange anomalies in the data.

  • Any person required to register under the Sex Offender Registration Act who is required to register because of a conviction for one or more of the following offenses, including any substantially9Certain Internet identifier information allows “social networking sites” to receive notice from the Attorney General of Internet identifier matches.

More Definitions of Internet identifier

Internet identifier means all designations used for self-identification or routing in internet communications or posting.
Internet identifier means all electronic mail, chat, instant messenger, social networking, application software, or similar names used for Internet communication, but does not include a date of birth, social security number, or personal identification number (PIN).
Internet identifier means any electronic mail address or user name used for instant messaging or social networking that is actually used for direct communication between users on the Internet in a manner that makes the communication not accessible to the general public. “Internet identifier” does not include Internet passwords, date of birth, social security number, or PIN number.
Internet identifier means an electronic mail
Internet identifier means any designation, moniker, screen name, username, or other name used for self-identification to send or receive social
Internet identifier means any electronic mail address or
Internet identifier mean all domain names and internet domain name registrations.