De-identified definition

De-identified means, for the purposes of this rule, the re- moval of all information that can be used to identify the patient from whose medical record the health information was derived.
De-identified means that all identifying information related to an individual as set forth in the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rule, 45 CFR Section 164.514 (b), are removed from the protected health information.
De-identified means that all identifying information related to an individual as set forth in the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rule4 are removed from the protected health information.

Examples of De-identified in a sentence

  • The duty to dispose of Student Data shall not extend to Student Data that had been De-Identified or placed in a separate student account pursuant to section II 3.

  • This prohibition against disclosure shall not apply to aggregate summaries of De-Identified information, Student Data disclosed pursuant to a lawfully issued subpoena or other legal process, or to subprocessors performing services on behalf of the Provider pursuant to this DPA.

  • Provider's use of De-Identified Data shall survive termination of this DPA or any request by XXX to return or destroy Student Data.

  • Student Data shall not constitute that information that has been anonymized or De-Identified, or anonymous usage data regarding a student’s use of Provider’s services.

  • Provider agrees not to attempt to re-identify De-Identified Student Data.

More Definitions of De-identified

De-identified means a public health record from which the information listed in 45 CFR 164.514(b)(2)(i) for an individual and the individual’s relatives, employers, or household members has been removed.
De-identified means the identity of the individuals is not known to and ensure data is not traceable by the Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx and/or Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx’x Personnel; and
De-identified means information as defined in 45 CFR 164.502(d) and 164.514(a), (b), and (c).
De-identified means information:
De-identified means that a linkage/key code exists that links identifiers to data/specimens. The VCU researcher maintains the key but does not share it with any other researchers. The recipient’s use of de- identified data/specimens may not be human subject research if there is documentation that the key will never be shared with the recipient, but they should check with their own IRB about review requirements. You will be asked more questions about this on a later page.)
De-identified means a de-identification methodology consistent with current industry practice for the purpose of protecting personal information.
De-identified means information that does not identify an individual and with respect to which there is no reasonable basis to believe that the information can be used to identify an individual.