Identifier definition

Identifier means information that a user:
Identifier means the unique identifier an online music service assigns to a file or bundle; (« identificateur »)
Identifier means the unique identifier an online service assigns to a file; (« identificateur »)

Examples of Identifier in a sentence

  • Grantee s Unique Entity Identifier is: DBH1UNN8U5J3 Federal funding under this Grant Agreement is a subaward under the following federal award.

  • Snap-on Industrial * 4 Provide your CAGE code or Unique Entity Identifier (XXX): Cage code- 55719.

More Definitions of Identifier

Identifier means information that a user knows and must provide to perform an electronic transaction but is not required to keep secret.
Identifier means each of the user identification code (the 'User ID’), the password (the ‘Password’), Security Device PIN, 6-Digit PIN, Security Device Codes, SMS Code and Biometric Credentials.
Identifier means a Bank Identifier Code (BIC), a Bank-State-Branch identifying code (BSB) or Branch Registration Number (BRN) previously registered with AUSTRAC.
Identifier means data elements that directly link a DNA sample or genetic information to the individual or a blood relative of the individual from whom the sample or information was obtained. Identifiers include, but are not limited to, names, telephone numbers, electronic mail addresses, Social Security numbers, driver license numbers and fingerprints.
Identifier means any specific and verifiable fact concerning a player or group of players which is based upon objective criteria relating to the player or group of players, including, without limitation:
Identifier or "Id" means a unique number and/or letter or, as the case may be, a unique combination of numbers and/or letters;
Identifier means any identifier (for example, a username, password, access code or token) assigned by us or any agent of ours to you or your administrator or by you or your administrator to any additional user, or chosen by you, your administrator or any additional user, for use in connection with Online Banking;