Interactive Document definition

Interactive Document means Customer communication documents which through design (e.g. programmatic intelligence) can control what the user can do within the document editing experience and natively integrate into a workflow.

Examples of Interactive Document in a sentence

  • This work has been funded by the federal state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and EFRE within the project “Basic and Applied Research in Interactive Document Engineering and Maritime Graphics” and by the European Social Fund under grant ESF/IV-BM-B35- 0006/12.

  • These documents can assist you with everyday life, including issues involving: ● Automobiles ● Childcare ● Caregiving ● Residential Contractor ● Estate Administration ● Finances Easy-to-Use Interactive Document Assembly Tool: Helps you efficiently create your own documents by asking simple questions.

  • Presto: An Experimental Architecture for Fluid, Interactive Document Spaces.

  • Hence, the OZALID project subscribes to the CIDRE [1] – Cooperative and Interactive Document Reverse Engineering – philosophy which aims at bringing humans in the loop, through a crowdsourcing process, admitting limits of OCR technologies.

  • Presto: An Experimental Architecture for Fluid Interactive Document Spaces.

  • The Automatic Construction of Faceted Tenninological Feedback for Interactive Document Retrieval.

  • Before going to the main theme of the paper let us refer to two basic concepts of such documents developed during the project, namely a Mobile Interactive Document (MIND) architecture of documents capable of traveling through Internet as au- tonomous agents, and an Interactive Open Document Archi- tecture (IODA) enabling implementation of executable pa- pers that may be freely transferred between digital libraries.

  • You should still be tracking other key site performance metrics that improve UX, such as Time To First Byte (TTFB), Document Object Model (DOM) Interactive, Document Complete, First Meaningful Paint, and Time to Interactive (TTI).

  • STAT: Interactive Document for Working with Basic Statistical Analysis.

  • Nagy G., Lopresti, D.: Interactive Document Processing and Digital Libraries, Proc.

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  • Substantive document means a document or other information or data in electronic media determined by the comptroller to substan- tially involve or include information or data significant to an applica- tion, the evaluation or consideration of an application, or the agree- ment or implementation of an agreement for limitation of appraised value pursuant to Tax Code Chapter 313. The term includes, but is not limited to, any application requesting a limitation on appraised value and any amendments or supplements, any economic impact evaluation made in connection with an application, any agreement between applicant and the district and any subsequent amend- ments or assignments, any district written finding or report filed with the comptroller as required under 34 Administrative Code Chapter 9, Subchapter F; and any completed annual eligibility re- port (Form 50-772A) submitted to the comptroller. The term shall

  • T E Document means Tender Enquiry Document

  • information document means the document set out in Annex I or Annex III, or in the corresponding Annex to a separate directive, or regulation, that prescribes the information to be supplied by an applicant, it being permissible to supply the information document in the form of an electronic file;

  • Operative Document means a bond declaration, trust agreement, indenture, security

  • Ancillary Agreement has the meaning set forth in the Separation Agreement.

  • Transaction Agreement has the meaning set forth in the recitals.

  • Ancillary Document has the meaning assigned to it in Section 9.06(b).

  • TE Document means Tender Enquiry Document

  • Programme Document means the formal document (in standard format) attached to this Agreement, which is concluded by the Parties and reflects expected results, detailed activities, timeframes and budget, and defines what is to be accomplished. The Programme Document is the basis for requisitioning, committing and disbursing funds to carry out planned activities and for their monitoring and reporting.

  • Company Ancillary Agreements means, collectively, each certificate to be delivered on behalf of the Company by an officer or officers of the Company at the Closing pursuant to Article VII and each agreement or document (other than this Agreement) that the Company is to enter into as a party thereto pursuant to this Agreement.

  • Bid Document - shall mean the document submitted by the bidder, pursuant to understanding and agreeing with the terms and conditions set out in this Tender Document.

  • Collective Agreement means a written agreement concerning terms and conditions of employment or any other matter of mutual interest concluded by one or more registered trade unions, on the one hand and, on the other hand-

  • Connection Agreement means an agreement entered into between a distributor and a person connected to its distribution system that delineates the conditions of the connection and delivery of electricity to or from that connection;

  • Settlement Document shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.02(a).

  • Transaction Agreements means the Securities Purchase Agreement, the Debentures, the Joint Escrow Instructions, the Security Agreement, the Registration Rights Agreement, and the Warrants and includes all ancillary documents referred to in those agreements.

  • Affiliation Agreement means a written agreement between the governing authority of the program and another organization under the terms of which specified services, space or personnel are provided to one organization by the other, but without exchange of moneys.

  • Transmission Service Agreement or “TSA” shall mean the agreement entered into between Long Term Transmission Customer(s) and the TSP pursuant to which TSP shall build, own, operate and maintain the Project and make available the assets of the Project to Long Term Transmission Customer(s) on a commercial basis;

  • Scope Document means the document (if any) that is provided with and becomes part of the Order Form and which defines sometimes in conjunction with a Service Description (as applicable) the Services to be provided.

  • Buyer Ancillary Agreements means all agreements, instruments and documents being or to be executed and delivered by Buyer or an Affiliate of Buyer under this Agreement or in connection herewith, including the Escrow Agreement.

  • procurement document means any document produced or referred to by the contracting authority to describe or determine elements of the procurement or the procedure, including the contract notice, the prior information notice where it is used as a means of calling for competition, the technical specifications, the descriptive document, proposed conditions of contract, formats for the presentation of documents by candidates and tenderers, information on generally applicable obligations and any additional documents;

  • Bidding Document means set of documents prepared by PSDF which consists of “Instructions to Training Providers”, TORs and forms for providing information about profile of the organization and Technical & Financial Proposals.

  • Related Agreement means any Contract which is or is to be entered into at the Closing or otherwise pursuant to this Agreement. The Related Agreements executed by a specified Person shall be referred to as "such Person's Related Agreements," "its Related Agreements" or another similar expression.

  • Related Agreements shall have the meaning specified in the recitals to the Administration Agreement.

  • L/C Related Documents has the meaning specified in Section 2.06(b)(i).

  • this Agreement “hereof” and “hereunder” refer to this Agreement whether in its original form or as from time to time added to varied or amended.

  • Cooperation Agreement means that certain Mortgage Loan Cooperation Agreement, dated as of the Closing Date, among Borrower, Lender and Sponsor, as the same may from time to time be amended, restated, replaced, supplemented or otherwise modified in accordance herewith.