Institutional License definition

Institutional License means a certificate to practice medicine as outlined under 24 Del.C.

Examples of Institutional License in a sentence

  • McGraw-Hill, New York, NY This is a Professional Institutional License Agreement to provide access medicine to Physician Assistant Program.

  • The use of alcoholic beverages on the campus of the University is regulated for registered University groups under the terms and conditions of the University’s Institutional License.

  • Should an Institutional License Agreement terminate or expire, the Institutional Licensee’s affiliated Authorized Users may continue making use of Content that has been downloaded or printed out providing such uses comply with these Terms and Conditions of Use, which shall survive the termination of access to Aluka.

  • If no demand for [de novo]de novo hearing is filed within the [twenty]20-day period, the court shall review the report and recommendation and, if approved, shall enter a final decree.* * *Rule 1920.61.

  • The graphical abstract was generated in 624 Biorender via an Institutional License with an agreement number: BR241PD4JH 625 626627 References 628 1.

  • The purchase of controlled substances under the Chapman University Institutional License cannot be advanced without EH&S approval.

  • Alcohol Purchases: For on-campus events held under the Institutional License, all alcohol must be purchased at an on-campus outlet (a list of these outlets is available in the office of the Director of Housing and Food Services).

  • At the completion of the defense, the student consents to archive his / her material by signing the form titled oURspace Institutional License Agreement for University of Regina Graduate Students.

  • Please explain why you think your institution should have the fee and/or royalties waived for this merchandise production and distribution:Once you have completed the Patriot League Institutional License Waiver Request Form, please send it, along with photos/drawings, a quality sample, or other information that may help us determine how our marks will be used.

  • For Institutional Licensees, if JSTOR withdraws a material amount of JSTOR Collection Content, Institutional License may submit a written request to receive a prorated refund or credit of its annual access fee under its Institutional Participation Agreement in effect or to terminate such Institutional Participation Agreement without penalty.

Related to Institutional License

  • Professional license means any license, permit, certificate, registration, qualification, admission, temporary license, temporary permit, temporary certificate, or temporary registration that is described in divisions (W)(1) to (37) of this section and that qualifies a person as a professionally licensed person.

  • Conditional license or "conditional approval" means a license

  • Provisional license means a nonrenewable license issued by the Board of Education for a specified

  • Occupational license means a certificate, registration, or license issued by a state department, bureau, or agency that has regulatory authority over an individual that allows an individual to legally engage in a regulated occupation or that allows the individual to use a specific title in the practice of an occupation, profession, or vocation.

  • Original license means a motor vehicle dealer license issued to an applicant who has never been

  • Commercial License means any license issued to an individual or entity that is not a patient, caregiver, or transporter agent.

  • individual licence means a telecommunications licence referred to in section 38(1)(a) or (b);

  • Perpetual License means a license which is everlasting and valid if the software is being used in accordance with the license-agreement requirements.

  • Retail license means one of the following licenses issued under this title:

  • Initial license means the first permanent license granted to a qualified individual.

  • Reciprocal license means the issuance of an Iowa license to practice barbering to an applicant who is currently licensed in another state and which state has a mutual agreement to license persons who have the same or similar qualifications to those required in Iowa.

  • Governmental Licenses has the meaning set forth in Section 4.3.

  • State of principal license means a member state where a physician holds a license to practice medicine and which has been designated as such by the physician for purposes of registration and participation in the Compact.

  • Local licensing authority means the governing body of a municipality or city and county, the board of county commissioners of a county, or any authority designated by municipal or county charter, municipal ordinance, or county resolution.

  • Material License has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 7.15.

  • Environmental Licence means any Authorisation required at any time under Environmental Law.

  • Financial licensing act means any of the financial licensing acts, as that term is defined in section 2 of the consumer financial services act, 1988 PA 161, MCL 487.2052.

  • national law means the law of the Member State in which the Processor is established;

  • Business License means a license issued by the Department to a medical marijuana dispensary, grower, processor, testing laboratory, or transporter.

  • Business Licenses has the meaning ascribed to it in Section 1.01(a)(x).

  • Permits means any approvals, authorizations, consents, licenses, permits or certificates of a Governmental Body.

  • Governmental Permit means any license, franchise, permit or other authorization of any Governmental Authority.

  • Governmental Permits means all governmental permits, licenses, registrations, certificates of occupancy, approvals and other governmental authorizations.

  • Authorizations means all filings, recordings, and registrations with, and all validations or exemptions, approvals, orders, authorizations, consents, franchises, licenses, certificates, and permits from, any Governmental Authority.

  • Authority or Housing Authority (HA means the Housing Authority.

  • permitted supranational agency means any of the following: