Injured definition

Injured. “Injury” or “Injuries” means a bodily Injury or Injuries and is not limited to accidental bodily injuries.
Injured or ‘Injury’ means bodily injury caused solely and directly by violent, external and visible means, including exposure to the elements caused by them.
Injured or “VICTIM” means the insured employee who suffers an occupational accident when he is working for the Insured or is affected by an occupational disease.

Examples of Injured in a sentence

  • The injured person shall report to the First Aid Station along with the 'Injured on work' form as per appropriate proforma, duly filled in quintuplicate and submit to the Medical Officer of the First Aid Station.

  • To provide first aid at his own First Aid Station.To take the injured person to the hospital along with the 'Injured on work' form duly filled in.

  • Injured and affected individuals refer to the hospital for receiving healthcare services, and psychosocial assistance, while they are very excited, emotional, afraid, disturbed and completely confused.

  • With regard to the number of people Killed or Seriously Injured (KSI) as a result of road traffic collisions, the Commissioner confirmed that the data was being regularly monitored by the OPCC and expressed his concern regarding current statistics.

  • Tel-Aviv, ILAN Press (ILAN – The Israeli Organization for Injured Children – IOIC).

  • What We cover If a Named Insured is Injured during the Period of Insurance in an accident when using Your Boat within the Geographic Limits and that Injury results in: • Death; • Permanent and total loss of sight of an eye; • Permanent and total loss of the use of a limb; • Permanent and total loss of the thumb or index finger.

  • Injured and bleeding I returned home ‘and felt elated’, I felt that I could cope with anything I had the same feeling 10 years later when I came to the same spot on the immigrant ship “Chaim Arlosoroff” which crashed against those very same rocks, after I and my friends had evaded our British pursuers.

  • Injured players must submit, to the Provincial Director, a doctor’s statement indicating the injury and the player’s availability to participate.

  • Injured or not, what makes Manning great is a reserve of ruthlessness, confidence and will that allows him to believe he can control the uncontrollable.He will continue to believe it, until the end.

  • Injured employees have the burden of proving by a preponderance of the evidence that medical treatment is reasonably necessary for treatment of the compensable injury.

More Definitions of Injured

Injured means a wound or cut sustained to a person as a result of motor vehicle accident, not requiring a major medical treatment, as certified by a Medical Officer.
Injured. “ Injury” or “ Injuries” means a bodily injury or injuries and is not limited to accidental bodily injuries.

Related to Injured

  • Injury/Injured means a bodily injury caused by an accident occurring while the Insured’s coverage under this Policy is in force and resulting directly and independently of all other causes of Loss covered by this Policy. The injury must be verified by a Physician.

  • Injury means accidental physical bodily harm excluding illness or disease solely and directly caused by external, violent and visible and evident means which is verified and certified by a Medical Practitioner.

  • Breach of a representation, warranty, covenant, obligation, or other provision of this Agreement or any instrument delivered pursuant to this Agreement will be deemed to have occurred if there is or has been (a) any inaccuracy in or breach of, or any failure to perform or comply with, such representation, warranty, covenant, obligation, or other provision, or (b) any claim (by any Person) or other occurrence or circumstance that is or was inconsistent with such representation, warranty, covenant, obligation, or other provision, and the term "Breach" means any such inaccuracy, breach, failure, claim, occurrence, or circumstance.

  • Personal Data Breach means a breach of security leading to the accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorised disclosure of, or access to, personal data transmitted, stored or otherwise processed;