Indenture of Mortgage definition

Indenture of Mortgage means the registered mortgage deed to be executed by the Issuer for, inter alia, creation of mortgage over the immoveable property of the Issuer and assignment of its rights under the Project Documents in favour of the Security Trustee, in form and substance satisfactory to the Security Trustee.
Indenture of Mortgage shall, collectively, mean any mortgages created or to be created by the Borrower over all or any of the assets mentioned in Clause 18.7.1 in favour of the Security Trustee for the benefit of the Lenders.
Indenture of Mortgage dated as of April 1, 1927, as amended and supplemented from time to time, in particular by a supplemental indenture detailing the terms of the Borrower Bond dated as of November 1, 1998 and entitled "Twenty-Fourth Supplemental Indenture", pursuant to which the Borrower Bond has been issued.

Examples of Indenture of Mortgage in a sentence

Deed of Hypothecation for all present and future movable assets of Meja Urja Nigam Private Limited has also been executed with the Security Trustee and the Indenture of Mortgage with the Security Trustee has been registered with appropriate authority.

Indenture of Mortgage dated as of January 1, 1941 with supplements thereto through the Twentieth Supplemental Indenture dated as of August 1, 1983 were filed as an Exhibit to Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 1983.

The Petitioner is directed to submit signed copy of Indenture of Mortgage for the Project immediately after its execution.

Portland General Electric Company Indenture of Mortgage and Deed of Trust dated July 1, 1945.

This Indenture of Mortgage made the __________day of____________ 1882 between A.

Indenture of Mortgage (in case of mortgage other than equitable mortgage.

The granting of the Easement is subject to any easements or restrictions of record including the lien created by Michigan Consolidated Gas Company’s Indenture of Mortgage and Deed of Trust dated as of March 1, 1944, as supplemented and amended, to the terms of the underlying franchises or easement agreements.

University of the Philippines, Constitutional Revision ProjectResearcher 2011-2012Conducted research for Professor Uron on numerous constitutional issues, including Article XIII on the Commission for Human Rights.

Subject to the provisions of Section 19(2) and (3) of the Banking Regulations Act, 1949, first ranking pledge over the shares of the first petitioner amounting to 51% paid up capital of the first petitioner, cumulatively held by the pledgors, in favour of the Security Trustee under the Indenture of Mortgage and the financing documents.

The fee for an original (new) or renewal License must be paid at the time the application is filed.(c) No Refund if Application Denied.

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Indenture of Mortgage means the first ranking fixed security over certain properties situated in Northern Ireland, dated 21 February 2001, granted by National Transcommunications Limited and CableTel Northern Ireland Limited in favour of the Security Trustee.
Indenture of Mortgage means that certain Indenture of Mortgage of the Company dated October 1, 1947, as supplemented and amended from time to time.
Indenture of Mortgage means the Indenture of Mortgage, Assignment of Lease and Security Agreement from Lessor, as mortgagor and debtor, to Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. and R. T. Dreiling, as Trustees, as mortgagees and secured parties, mortgaging, pledging, assigning and granting a security interest in the Unit (subject to the rights of Lessee under this Lease) and this Lease and the rents and other sums due and to become due hereunder as set forth in Section 14 hereof as security for certain indebtedness of Lessor incurred or to be incurred to finance a portion of Lessor's Cost for the Units.

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Assignment of Mortgage An assignment of Mortgage without recourse, notice of transfer or equivalent instrument, in recordable form, which is sufficient under the laws of the jurisdiction in which the related Mortgaged Property is located to reflect of record the sale of the Mortgage, which assignment, notice of transfer or equivalent instrument may be in the form of one or more blanket assignments covering Mortgages encumbering Mortgaged Properties located in the same jurisdiction, if permitted by law and acceptable for recording.
NOTICE OF MORTGAGE This Ship is subject to a first mortgage in favour of [here insert name of mortgagee] of [here insert address of mortgagee]. Under the said mortgage and related documents, neither the Owner nor any charterer nor the Master of this Ship has any right, power or authority to create, incur or permit to be imposed upon this Ship any commitments or encumbrances whatsoever other than for crew’s wages and salvage”. No-one will have any right, power or authority to create, incur or permit to be imposed upon the Ship any lien whatsoever other than for crew’s wages and salvage.
Trustee Mortgage File means the mortgage documents listed in the definition of "Mortgage File" hereof pertaining to a particular Mortgage Loan (and, if applicable, the related Serviced Companion Mortgage Loan and the related B Note) and any additional documents required to be added to the Mortgage File pursuant to this Agreement; provided that whenever the term "Trustee Mortgage File" is used to refer to documents actually received by the Trustee or a Custodian on its behalf, such terms shall not be deemed to include such documents required to be included therein unless they are actually so received.
Trustee Mortgage File No.: The undersigned Master Servicer hereby acknowledges that it has received from The Bank of New York, as Trustee for the Holders of Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates, of the above-referenced Series, the documents referred to below (the "Documents"). All capitalized terms not otherwise defined in this Request for Release shall have the meanings given them in the Pooling and Servicing Agreement (the "Pooling and Servicing Agreement") relating to the above-referenced Series among the Trustee, Countrywide Home Loans, Inc., as Seller, Countrywide Home Loans Servicing LP, as Master Servicer and CWMBS, Inc., as Depositor.
Indenture Collateral has the meaning set forth in Section 3.1 of the Base Indenture.
Trust Mortgage Loan means each of the mortgage loans listed on the Trust Mortgage Loan Schedule and from time to time held in the Trust Fund. As used herein, the term "Trust Mortgage Loan" includes the related Mortgage Note, Mortgage and other security documents contained in the related Mortgage File or otherwise held on behalf of the Trust. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if any of the mortgage loans listed on the Trust Mortgage Loan Schedule are, in accordance with their terms or pursuant to any modification, waiver or amendment agreed to in accordance with Section 3.20, severed or split into two or more mortgage loans that are to remain part of the Trust Fund, then such two or more mortgage loans shall constitute separate "Trust Mortgage Loans" for all purposes hereof, except that such mortgage loans will collectively constitute the "Trust Mortgage Loan" that relates to the applicable REMIC I Regular Interest and/or any applicable Loan REMIC Regular Interest.
Trust Mortgage File is used to refer to documents actually received by the Custodian (on behalf of the Trustee), such terms shall not be deemed to include such documents required to be included therein unless they are actually so received.
NCB Mortgage Loans Those Mortgage Loans sold to the Depositor pursuant to the related Mortgage Loan Purchase Agreement by NCB and indicated as an NCB Mortgage Loan on the Mortgage Loan Schedule.
Mortgage Loan Agreement means the Loan Agreement, dated as of July 1, 2019, between the Mortgage Loan Borrower, as borrower, and GSBI, as lender, as the same may be further amended, restated, supplemented or otherwise modified from time to time, subject to the terms hereof.
JPMCB Mortgage Loans Each Mortgage Loan transferred and assigned to the Depositor pursuant to the JPMCB Purchase Agreement.
Owner Mortgage Loan File A file maintained by the Custodian for each Mortgage Loan that contains the documents specified in Section 2.01(a) and any additional documents required to be added to the Owner Mortgage Loan File pursuant to this Agreement. Partial Liquidation Proceeds: Liquidation Proceeds received by a Servicer prior to the Unscheduled Principal Receipt Period in which the related Mortgage Loan became a Liquidated Loan.
Serviced Pari Passu Mortgage Loan Each of (i) the Mortgage Loans identified as “Serviced” under the column entitled “Type” in the “Whole Loan” chart in the Preliminary Statement, and (ii) prior to the related Servicing Shift Securitization Date, the Mortgage Loans identified as “Servicing Shift” under the column entitled “Type” in the “Whole Loan” chart in the Preliminary Statement.
Pari Passu Mortgage Loan A Mortgage Loan included in a Loan Combination that is pari passu in right of payment to the related Pari Passu Companion Loan. The Pari Passu Mortgage Loans are the Bank of America Plaza Mortgage Loan, the Columbus Square Portfolio Mortgage Loan and the Stamford Plaza Portfolio Mortgage Loan.
Supplemental Mortgage Loan Any Mortgage Loan other than an Initial Mortgage Loan conveyed to the Trust Fund pursuant to Section 2.01 hereof and to a Supplemental Transfer Agreement, which Mortgage Loan shall be listed on the revised Mortgage Loan Schedule delivered pursuant to this Agreement and on Schedule A to such Supplemental Transfer Agreement. When used with respect to a single Supplemental Transfer Date, Supplemental Mortgage Loan shall mean a Supplemental Mortgage Loan conveyed to the Trust Fund on that Supplemental Transfer Date.
AB Mortgage Loan A senior “A note” that is part of an AB Whole Loan and which is a Mortgage Loan that is part of the Trust Fund.
PMI Mortgage Loans The list of Mortgage Loans insured by the PMI Insurer attached hereto as Schedule 3.
Non-Serviced Mortgage Loan Trustee means, with respect to any Non-Serviced Loan Combination, the applicable “trustee” under the related Non-Serviced Mortgage Loan Pooling and Servicing Agreement.
Serviced AB Mortgaged Property The Mortgaged Property which secures the related Serviced AB Whole Loan. For the avoidance of doubt, there is no Serviced AB Mortgaged Property under this Agreement.
Indenture Estate shall have the meaning specified in the Granting Clause of the Lease Indenture.
Non-Serviced Mortgage Loan Intercreditor Agreement means the applicable intercreditor agreement with respect to a Non-Serviced Mortgage Loan.
First Lien Mortgage Loan A Mortgage Loan secured by a first lien Mortgage on the related Mortgaged Property. Fitch: Fitch, Inc., and its successors in interest. If Fitch is designated as a Rating Agency in the Preliminary Statement, for purposes of Section 12.05(b) the address for notices to Fitch shall be Fitch, Inc., One State Street Plaza, New York, New York 10004, Attention: MBS Monitoring - Morgan Stanley ABS Capital I Inc. Trust 2006-NC1, or such other address as Fitch may hereafter furnish to the Depositor, the Trustee and the Servicers. Fixed Rate Mortgage Loan: A fixed rate Mortgage Loan.
Servicer Mortgage File means copies of the mortgage documents listed in the definition of “Mortgage File” relating to a Mortgage Loan and shall also include, to the extent required to be (and actually) delivered to the applicable Seller pursuant to the applicable Mortgage Loan documents, copies of the following items: the Mortgage Note, any Mortgage, the Assignment of Leases and the Assignment of Mortgage, any guaranty/indemnity agreement, any loan agreement, any insurance policies or certificates (as applicable), any property inspection reports, any financial statements on the property, any escrow analysis, any tax bills, any Appraisal, any environmental report, any engineering report, third-party management agreements, any asset summary, financial information on the Mortgagor/sponsor and any guarantors, any letters of credit, any intercreditor agreement and any Environmental Insurance Policies.
Substitute Mortgage Loan A Mortgage Loan substituted by a Seller for a Deleted Mortgage Loan which must, on the date of such substitution, as confirmed in a Request for Release, substantially in the form of Exhibit M, (i) have a Stated Principal Balance, after deduction of the principal portion of the Scheduled Payment due in the month of substitution, not in excess of, and not more than 10% less than the Stated Principal Balance of the Deleted Mortgage Loan; (ii) be accruing interest at a rate no lower than and not more than 1% per annum higher than, that of the Deleted Mortgage Loan; (iii) have a Loan-to-Value Ratio no higher than that of the Deleted Mortgage Loan; (iv) have a remaining term to maturity no greater than (and not more than one year less than that of) the Deleted Mortgage Loan; (v) not be a Cooperative Loan unless the Deleted Mortgage Loan was a Cooperative Loan and (vi) comply with each representation and warranty set forth in Section 2.03 hereof.
Servicer Mortgage Loan File As defined in each of the Servicing Agreements. Servicers: Wells Fargo Bank, as a Servicer under the related Servicing Agreement. Initially the servicing functions performed by Wells Fargo Bank shall be performed by the Wells Fargo Home Mortgage division of Wells Fargo Bank. Servicing Agreements: Each of the Servicing Agreements executed with respect to a portion of the Mortgage Loans by one of the Servicers, which agreements are attached hereto, collectively, as Exhibit L.
Replacement Mortgage Loan Any Qualified Substitute Mortgage Loan that is substituted for one or more Removed Mortgage Loans.
Group I Mortgage Loans Those Mortgage Loans identified on the Mortgage Loan Schedule as Group I Mortgage Loans.