In written form definition

In written form referred to in this Article means a form in which the contents may be displayed in visible form and are accessible for subsequent reference and use, such as a written contract, a letter or an electronic data message (including a telegram, a telex, a facsimile, an electronic data interchange and an e-mail).
In written form means expressions in physical writing, via facsimile transmission or via e-mail. Each member informs the Vice-Chairperson about changes of the postal address, the facsimile numbers and the e-mail addresses, the Vice-Chairperson will regularly inform the other parties about this in written form.

Examples of In written form in a sentence

  • Any Alterations or Utility Installations that Lessee shall desire to make and which require the consent of the Lessor shall be presented to Lessor In written form with detailed plans.

  • In written form, the Bank shall provide a clear and comprehensible reply to the complaint to the complainant (User) no later than 15 days from the date of receipt of the complaint.

  • In written form, you must use quotation marks when referring to another’s work.

  • In written form, the consortium designates the person who represents the consortium vis-à-vis the Ordering Party.

  • In written form, delivered by hand or by mail, enclosed in an envelope labeled, ‘‘Deepwater Wind South Fork COP EIS’’ and addressed to Program Manager, Office of Renewable Energy, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, 45600 Woodland Road, Sterling, Virginia 20166.

  • In written form, delivered by hand or by mail, enclosed in an envelope labeled “Comments on Massachusetts PSN” to: Office of Renewable Energy Programs, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, 45600 Woodland Road, VAM-OREP, Sterling, Virginia 20166.

  • The Contracting Parties agree that the Bank has the right to propose amendments to all documents that make up the Framework Agreement in one of the following ways:- In written form- Using other longlasting media (CDs and DVDs, USB flash drives, memory cards or computer hard drives, e-mail, online banking and the Bank's website which is accessable to the user of payment services vialink provided with SMS.

  • Civil servants with discretionary authority take discretionary decisions (on situations involving an ethical dilemma) based on some system of values – often personal values.51 In written form, these decisions form the basis of formal ethics-related administrative law.

  • In written form per e-mail to the address

  • The AEP requires HPD to identify at least 200 distressed multiple dwellings meeting the criteria for the AEP and to work with the owners of such buildings to correct housing maintenance code violations.

Related to In written form

  • In writing means communicated in written form with proof of receipt.

  • Notice in writing or written notice means a notice in writing, typed or printed matters sent (unless delivered personally or otherwise proved to have been received) by registered post to the last known private or business address or registered office of the addressee and shall be deemed to have been received in the ordinary course of post, it would have been delivered.

  • Beneficiary Designation Form means the form established from time to time by the Plan Administrator that the Executive completes, signs, and returns to the Plan Administrator to designate one or more Beneficiaries.

  • Specifically Authorized Representative (SAR), as used in this clause, means any person the Contracting Officer has so designated by written notice (a copy of which shall be provided to the Contractor) which shall refer to this subparagraph and shall be issued to the designated representative before the SAR exercises such authority.

  • Beneficiary form means a registration of a security which indicates the present owner of the security and the intention of the owner regarding the person who will become the owner of the security upon the death of the owner.

  • In writing” or “written means hand-written, type-written, printed or electronically made, and resulting in a permanent record;

  • Variation Form means the form that will be completed and signed by the Parties to effect a Variation which shall be in the form set out in Framework Schedule 19 (Variation Form);

  • Written Request means a request made, in writing, by the Insured to us. All pronouns include either gender unless the context indicates otherwise.

  • Official written order means an order written on a form provided for that purpose by the United

  • Application Form means any application form to be completed by subscribers for Shares as prescribed by the Company from time to time.

  • Written application or "written election" means a written instrument, required by statute or the

  • Election Form means the form established from time to time by the Committee that a Participant completes, signs and returns to the Committee to make an election under the Plan.

  • Prewritten program means a computer program that is prepared, held or existing for general or

  • Duly authorized representative shall include any person or persons acting within the limits of his or her authority.

  • Letter of Transmittal and Election Form means the letter of transmittal and election form for use by Shareholders and BPO Convertible Preferred Shareholders with respect to the Arrangement;

  • Special Instruction Form means a standardized form prescribed by the Management Company to be duly filled by the investor to change his/her particulars and will be stated in this Offering Document.

  • A Term's Written Notice means Notice given before the first day of a Term and expiring at the end of that Term. A Term's Written Notice must be given if:

  • FACE Form means the Funding Authorization and Certificate of Expenditure Form attached to this Agreement. The FACE Form is used for (i) requests for cash advances, direct payments or reimbursements and (ii) financial reporting by the Partner.

  • Written protocol means a physician’s order for one or more patients that contains, at a minimum, the following:

  • Beneficiary designation means the naming in a governing instrument of a beneficiary of an insurance or annuity policy, of an account with POD designation, of a security registered in beneficiary form (TOD), of a pension, profit-sharing, retirement, or similar benefit plan, or of another nonprobate transfer at death.

  • written statement means the written statement that the owner of the protected site is required to give to the occupier by section 1(2) of this Act.”

  • Notice of Revocation means, in connection with the revocation by a Beneficial Owner or its Agent Member of its Notice of Tender, a notice, substantially in the form attached to the Tender and Paying Agent Agreement, delivered by a Beneficial Owner or its Agent Member to the Tender and Paying Agent indicating an intention to revoke the tender of some or all of the VRDP Shares for sale on a Purchase Date pursuant to Section 1 of Part II of this Statement.

  • Notice in Writing or written notice shall mean a notice in writing, type or printed characters sent (unless delivered personally or otherwise provided to have been received) by registered post to the last known private or business address or registered office of the addressee and shall be deemed to have been received when in the ordinary course of post it would have been delivered.

  • Written Notification means an electronic document (including faxes, emails, internal mail on the client terminal etc.) or an announcement on the Company's website.

  • Written Notice means a notice or communication in writing and shall be deemed to have been duly served if delivered in persons to the individual or to a member of the contractors firm or to an office of the company for whom it is intended, or if delivered at or sent by registered mail to the last business address known to him who gives the notice.

  • Authorized Representative means any representative appointed, from time to time, by the Client, the Purchaser or the Contractor.