Imported definition

Imported means, in relation to electricity, electricity which is Generated outside the Sultanate of Oman and which is transported into the Sultanate of Oman pursuant to a contract or other arrangement and Import shall be construed accordingly;
Imported in any form" means the product in the form in which it is originally sold by its producer and such processed forms of the product as are so closely related to the original product as regards utilization that their unrestricted importation would make the restriction of the original product ineffective" (Note to Article 20, emphasis added).
Imported means brought into any part of Great Britain from any place outside Great Britain;

Examples of Imported in a sentence

  • Imported goods may be subject to quality control inspection by the GOEIC within one week of the date of importation.

  • It is assumed that the UK benefits from a CO2 emissions credit associated with the growth phase of the biomass, and that the credit covers 90% of the carbon content of the biomass, the other 10% being lost to emissions in processing, transportation or farming practices.• Imported biomass is constrained by a resource limit which reflects estimates of the size of the future global market and the proportion of the market accessible to the UK.

  • The objective of these Rules is to ensure a high level of protection to human health and the environment.(3) These Rules apply to all Substances, Substances in Mixtures and Intermediates that are Manufactured, Imported, Placed or intended to be Placed in Indian Territory.

  • Imported goods, service suppliers and investors must continue to respect domestic requirements, including rules and regulations.

  • Imported drinks which are designated with the help of geographical information can benefit from inspection and protection when these are certified by documents inspected by the administration and by the keeping of appropriate registers.

More Definitions of Imported

Imported means, as used in Code of Alabama, 1975, §§22-20A-1, et seq., any farm-raised fish or wild fish that was hatched, raised, harvested, or processed outside the United States or a territory of the United States.
Imported means delivered by truck or rail across the boundaries of this state by or for the seller or purchaser from a place of origin outside this state.
Imported means imported into Vanuatu for the purpose of distribution by way of trade;
Imported means from any source outside North America and includes those states in Mexico not adjacent to the United States.
Imported means imported into Great Britain, but only if the product in question was not imported from another part of the British Islands(67);”;
Imported means bringing into India from a place outside India;