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(i) IN GENERAL.—The term  advanced biofuel’ means renewable fuel, other than ethanol derived from corn starch, that has lifecycle greenhouse gas emis- sions, as determined by the Administrator, after notice and opportunity for comment, that are at least 50 percent less than baseline lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions.
(i) IN GENERAL.—The term  base amount’ means, with respect to any quarter, an amount equal to 3 times the sum of the adjusted disburse- ments from the plan for the 12 months ending on the last day of such quarter.
(i) IN GENERAL.—The term  genetic test’ means an analysis of human DNA, RNA, chromosomes, pro- teins, or metabolites, that detects genotypes, mutations, or chromosomal changes.

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(i) IN GENERAL.—The term  class A external power supply’ means a device that—
(i) IN GENERAL.—The term  renewable fuel’ means motor vehicle fuel that—
(i) IN GENERAL.—The term  corporate bond yield curve’ means, with respect to any month, a yield curve which is prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury for such month and which reflects the average, for the 24-month period ending with the month preceding such month, of monthly yields on investment grade corporate bonds with varying maturities and that are in the top 3 quality levels available.
(i) IN GENERAL.—The term  qualified charity’ means any organization
(i) IN GENERAL.—The term  eligible basis’ means, with respect to any facility, the sum of
(i) IN GENERAL.—The term  unborn child’ means a child in utero.
(i) IN GENERAL.—The term  baited area’ means—