Hypothetical Investments definition

Hypothetical Investments means the investment funds and other securities designated from time to time by the Plan Administrator for the deemed investment of Accounts pursuant to Section 5.3.
Hypothetical Investments shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4(d).

Examples of Hypothetical Investments in a sentence

  • Notwithstanding any other provision of this Plan that may be interpreted to the contrary, the Hypothetical Investments are to be used for measurement purposes only.

  • No Participant shall have the right, at any time, to direct a Manager to enter into specific transactions in connection with his or her Deferral Account; provided that this provision shall not prohibit the Participant from communicating with the Manager regarding Hypothetical Investments, including communication regarding preferred Hypothetical Investment objectives.

  • In the event that the Company or the Trustee, in its own discretion, decides to invest funds in any or all of the Hypothetical Investments, no Participant shall have any rights in or to such investments themselves.

  • The Committee or Plan Administrator may restrict or prohibit reallocation of amounts deemed invested in specified Hypothetical Investments or invested by specified Managers to comply with applicable law or regulation.

  • Each Manager shall have the power to acquire and dispose of such Hypothetical Investments as the Manager determines necessary in connection with its portfolio.

  • The amounts of hypothetical income, appreciation and depreciation in value of the Hypothetical Investments shall be credited and debited to, or otherwise reflected in, such Deferral Account from time to time in accordance with procedures established by the Committee or Plan Administrator.

  • Unless otherwise determined by the Committee or Plan Administrator, amounts credited to a Deferral Account shall be deemed invested in Hypothetical Investments as of the date so credited.

  • All amounts needed for a payment shall be deemed withdrawn from the Hypothetical Investments as close in time as is practicable to the requested payment date.

  • A Participant’s election of any such Hypothetical Investments, the allocation of such Hypothetical Investments to his or her Deferral Account, the calculation of additional amounts and the crediting or debiting of such amounts to a Participant’s Deferral Account shall not be considered or construed in any manner as an actual investment of his or her Deferral Account in any such Hypothetical Investments.

  • If a Participant has elected to receive installment payments, the amount of the distribution payable is based upon the value of the Deferral Account at the time of the installment payment date and shall act to reduce Hypothetical Investments in the following order: (A) cash and money market accounts, and (B) each other Hypothetical Investment on a pro rata basis, based on the value of the Participant’s Deferral Account.

Related to Hypothetical Investments

  • Hypothetical Investor means a hypothetical or actual investor (as determined by the Calculation Agent in the context of the relevant situation) in Fund Interests which is deemed to have the benefits and obligations, as provided in the relevant Fund Documents, of an investor holding Fund Interests at the relevant time. The Hypothetical Investor may be deemed by the Calculation Agent to be resident or organised in any jurisdiction, and to be, without limitation, the Issuer, the Calculation Agent or any of their affiliates (as determined by the Calculation Agent in the context of the relevant situation).

  • Investment Funds means all monies and financial resources available for investment by the Authority, other than proceeds of bonds issued by the Authority.

  • Investment Options means the investment options, as determined from time to time by the Committee, used to credit earnings, gains and losses on Account balances.

  • Investment pool means an entity created under the Texas Gov- ernment Code to invest public funds jointly on behalf of the entities that participate in the pool and whose investment objectives in or- der of priority are preservation and safety of principal, liquidity, and yield.

  • Investment Assets means all debentures, notes and other evidences of Indebtedness, stocks, securities (including rights to purchase and securities convertible into or exchangeable for other securities), interests in joint ventures and general and limited partnerships, mortgage loans and other investment or portfolio assets owned of record or beneficially by the Company.

  • Widely Held Fixed Investment Trust as that term is defined in Treasury Regulations Section 1.671-5(b)(22) or successor provisions.

  • Investment Account As defined in Section 3.06(a).

  • Other Investments Account means the account established and maintained in the name of each Participant or Beneficiary to reflect his share of the Trust Fund, other than Company Stock.

  • Investment Option means any of the guaranteed investments and variable investment funds available under the Plan.

  • Investment Return means the investment return payable in respect of the Bond in accordance with Clause 5 Returns.

  • Liquidity Account Investments means Deposit Securities or any other security or investment owned by the Fund that is rated not less than A3 by Moody’s, A- by Standard & Poor’s, A- by Fitch or an equivalent rating by any other NRSRO (or any such rating’s future equivalent).

  • covered investment means, with respect to a Party, an investment in its territory of an investor of the other Party in existence as of the date of entry into force of this Treaty or established, acquired, or expanded thereafter.

  • Company Contributions means the matching contributions made by the Company pursuant to section 3.2.

  • Investment Accounts means the Collateral Account, Securities Accounts, Commodities Accounts and Deposit Accounts.

  • Company Contribution Account means (i) the sum of the Participant’s Company Contribution Amounts, plus (ii) amounts credited or debited to the Participant’s Company Contribution Account in accordance with this Plan, less (iii) all distributions made to the Participant or his or her Beneficiary pursuant to this Plan that relate to the Participant’s Company Contribution Account.

  • Alternative Investments means investments in the said State which are within the ability and competence of the Company or of corporations which are related to the Company for the purposes of the Companies (Western Australia) Code and which are approved by the Minister from time to time as alternative investments for the purpose of this Agreement (which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld in the case of an investment which would add value or facilitate the addition of value, beyond mining, to the mineral resources of the said State); ”;

  • Cash Equivalent Investments means (i) short-term obligations of, or fully guaranteed by, the United States of America, (ii) commercial paper rated A-1 or better by S&P or P-1 or better by Moody's, (iii) demand deposit accounts maintained in the ordinary course of business, and (iv) certificates of deposit issued by and time deposits with commercial banks (whether domestic or foreign) having capital and surplus in excess of $100,000,000; provided in each case that the same provides for payment of both principal and interest (and not principal alone or interest alone) and is not subject to any contingency regarding the payment of principal or interest.

  • Investment Fund has the same meaning as in National Instrument 81-106 Investment Fund Continuous Disclosure;

  • Permitted Investment means an Investment by the Company or any Restricted Subsidiary in:

  • Reinvestment Deferred Amount means, with respect to any Reinvestment Event, the aggregate Net Cash Proceeds received by the Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries in connection therewith that are not applied to prepay the Loans pursuant to Section 2.09(b) as a result of the delivery of a Reinvestment Notice.

  • Initial Investment means that portion of the initial capitalization of the Company contributed by the Sponsor or its Affiliates pursuant to Section II.A. of the NASAA REIT Guidelines.

  • Qualified Investments means any and all securities, obligations or accounts in which municipalities may invest their funds under applicable Maine law.

  • Cash Equivalent Investment means, at any time:

  • Other Investments means assets which are not Direct Investments or Underlying Funds.

  • Permitted Investments means:

  • Investments means, with respect to any Person, all investments by such Person in other Persons (including Affiliates) in the form of loans (including guarantees), advances or capital contributions (excluding accounts receivable, trade credit and advances to customers and commission, travel and similar advances to officers, employees and consultants made in the ordinary course of business), purchases or other acquisitions for consideration of Indebtedness, Equity Interests or other securities issued by any other Person and investments that are required by GAAP to be classified on the balance sheet of the Issuer in the same manner as the other investments included in this definition to the extent such transactions involve the transfer of cash or other property. For purposes of the definition of “Unrestricted Subsidiary” and Section 4.04: