HS definition

HS means any product, substance, chemical, material or waste whose presence, nature, quantity and/or intensity of existence, use, manufacture, disposal, transportation, spill, release or effect, either by itself or in combination with other materials expected to be on the Premises, is either: (i) potentially injurious to the public health, safety or welfare, the environment, or the Premises; (ii) regulated or monitored by any governmental authority; or (iii) a basis for potential liability of Landlord to any governmental agency or third party under any applicable statute. Hazardous Substance shall include, but not be limited to, hydrocarbons, petroleum, gasoline, crude oil or any products or by-products thereof. "REPORTABLE USE" shall mean (i) the installation or use of any above or below ground storage tank, (ii) the generation, possession, storage, use, transportation, or disposal of a Hazardous Substance that requires a permit from, or with respect to which a report, notice, registration or business plan is required to be filed with, any governmental authority, and (iii) the presence in, on or about the Premises of a Hazardous Substance with respect to which any Applicable HS Requirements (as defined in subparagraph (F) hereinafter) require that a notice be given to persons entering or occupying the Premises or neighboring properties.
HS means the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System defined in paragraph (a) of Article 1 of the International Convention on the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System, and adopted and implemented by the Parties in their respective laws;

Examples of HS in a sentence

  • China should promptly notify the HS tariff number(s), at the appropriate level of specificity.

  • Designers shall not accept work from the Employer if they are not capable of executing such work professionally and if such work cannot be executed safely, according to the provisions of the H&S regulations.

  • All work performed, and procedures followed by designers shall be done according to the H&S regulations of 2014.

  • Workers and personnel shall be attending safety courses regularly, and all information regarding such training shall be kept in the H&S file.

  • Equipment producing serious dusty conditions shall only be operated under the supervision of the PC and the H&S manager with the necessary protection to workers.

More Definitions of HS

HS means the Harmonised Commodity Description and Coding System in force, including its general rules and legal notes;
HS means high sulphidation
HS means Health and Safety as referred to in Rule 14
HS means hidradenitis suppurativa.