Definition of GTD

GTD means Shenzhen Guangtiandi Technology Co., Ltd.;

Examples of GTD in a sentence

The GTD was approved, following amendments, by the ACCC in March 2000, as an associate contract under the National Gas Code (ACCC 2000a).
AGLWG will have a contractual right to that lower tariff in respect of volumes provided for in the GTD but only to the extent (in terms of volume, capacity, other charges and period) that it was provided to the third party (or after 2006 the third party of AGLWG).
File No. 005-56499 Dear Mr. Hindin: On behalf of Icon Merger Sub, Inc., Icon Acquisition Holdings, L.P., Icon Acquisition Holdings LLC, GTD Acquisitions LLC, RT-ICON Holdings LLC, RTM-ICON Holdings LLC, Rizvi Traverse Management LLC, Hugh M.
Gas Transportation Deed 4.104 The Gas Transportation Deed (GTD) is a deed between EAPL and AGL Wholesale Gas (AGLWG).
Number Applicant/Facility E.P.R.C. Recommendation 2077L GTD Services, Inc.