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LNP shall have the meaning set forth in Section

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  • We advise that Defra thoroughly review the individual responses from the LNP family to reflect on all the ideas to mitigate the issues they feel pertinent and what they consider should be taken into account as there are many ideas that we feel are better represented individually to ensure we maintain a collective viewpoint.

  • INP is available in all Sprint service areas where LNP is not available.

  • Access by CLEC to the LNP Database information -- CLEC shall pay a per query charge as detailed in Sprint’s applicable tariff or published price list.

  • Billing – Invoices will be sent out by the 15th of each month on a LNP specific invoice.

  • IN offers one way for a network element to query a central database to obtain LNP routing information.Initiating CarrierThe carrier purchasing SS7 service from an AT&T Carrier.

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LNP shall have the meaning set forth in Section "Loop" or "Unbundled Loop" shall have the meaning set forth in Section 9.2.1.
LNP means lipid nanoparticle.
LNP means the Liberian National Police;