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Grown means to produce, cultivate, raise, or harvest timber, agricultural produce, or livestock on the land, or to cultivate, raise, catch, or harvest products or food from the water which results in an end product that is locally derived from the product cultivated, raised, caught, or harvested.
Grown means actually grown in the field as well as
Grown means actually grown in the field as well as harvested or stored.

Examples of Grown in a sentence

We intend to have bumper stickers and other promotional Alaska Grown items available at the two Taste Alaska Grown honey events.

We will be putting forth at least $2500 of our personal funds to demonstrate to the general public that there is Alaska Grown honey available, an item not commonly recognized as a local product.

We will work with a total of eight apiaries to advertise Alaska Grown honey.

We will provide surveys at the events, asking people how they heard about the event, if they were aware Alaska Grown honey was available, and ask them to rate the event.

We will use the logo on all print media and thank the Alaska Grown program on our radio advertising for their support.

We anticipate that with increased exposure of Alaska Grown in general, and creating a greater awareness of Alaska Grown local products, that the industry will benefit overall, as new customers seek additional locally grown products.

We will have the mobile Alaska Grown kiosk available at the event, and that is where those attending the event will conduct their survey.

S., et al.: The Interaction of Water With Silica Thin Films Grown on Mo(112).

If possible, we would like to borrow an Alaska Grown banner from the Division of Agriculture for these events.

Also, we will use print media to advertise our Taste Alaska Grown Honey event.

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Grown means Her Majesty the ⓟueen in right of Saskatghewan;

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