Stockpile definition

Stockpile means material, including, but not limited to, surface overburden, rock, or lean ore, that in the process of mining and beneficiation or treatment has been removed from the earth and stored on the surface. Stockpile does not include materials that are being treated in the production of metallic products and the metallic product that has been produced by that operation.
Stockpile means the finished products of the mining of gypsum, clay, shale, stone, sandstone, sand, silt, gravel, volcanic ash or other minerals and removal from its natural position and deposited elsewhere for future use in the normal operation as a business.
Stockpile means substances, mixtures or articles accumulated by the holder that consist of or contain any substance listed in Annex I or II.

Examples of Stockpile in a sentence

  • Stockpile ManagementThe Contractor shall reduce or eliminate potential air and water pollution from stockpiled material including soil, paving material, or pressure treated wood.

  • The residue shall not be left on the pavement or allowed to flow across the pavement.Material excavated from existing roadways may be stockpiled as provided in "Stockpile Management" of these special provisions if approved by the Engineer.

  • Stockpile ManagementImplement practices described in this section for managing stockpiles: 1.

  • Stockpiling• Stockpile accepted aggregates in layers 3 to 5 feet thick.

  • Pit" and "Stockpile Site" on Exhibit A, or from other locations acceptable to STATE.

More Definitions of Stockpile

Stockpile means a man-made accumulation of soil held in reserve for future use, distribution or removal;
Stockpile means to store solids from any of the following:
Stockpile means aggregate or excavated materials that
Stockpile means any accumulation of soils which has been removed from its natural position.
Stockpile means a pile or heap of ore or waste at a mine that
Stockpile means storage of any soil, sand, gravel, clay, mud, debris, refuse, or any other material, organic or inorganic, in a concentrated area.