Group II Certificates definition

Group II Certificates. As specified in the Preliminary Statement.
Group II Certificates. The Class A-2 Certificates, the Class A-3 Certificates and the Class A-4 Certificates.
Group II Certificates. As set forth in the Preliminary Statement.

Examples of Group II Certificates in a sentence

  • With respect to any Distribution Date, to the extent that the Prepayment Interest Shortfall exceeds Compensating Interest (such excess, a "Non-Supported Interest Shortfall"), such Non-Supported Interest Shortfall shall reduce the Current Interest with respect to each Class of Group I Certificates and Group II Certificates, pro rata based upon the amount of interest each such Class would otherwise be entitled to receive on such Distribution Date.

  • Class BF 0.00000000 0.00 2(f) Class B Applied Realized Loss for Group II Certificates: 1.

  • In order to do this, the SC may need to know where the fish are coming from.

  • Where in the opinion of the Minister, the Provider is unlikely to achieve the training targets stated in Schedule 1 by 31 December 2008, the Minister may renegotiate the training targets to reflect targets that can be justified against current enrolments and delivery achieved in previous years.

  • Note: The Group C-B Certificates are allocated losses from mortgage loans in loan groups I and II; consequently, disproportionately high special hazard, bankruptcy or fraud losses experienced by one loan group could adversely impact protection to unrelated Group I or Group II Certificates for these types of losses.

More Definitions of Group II Certificates

Group II Certificates. The Class A-2A, Class A-2B, Class A-2C and Class A-2D Certificates.
Group II Certificates. The Group II-A, Class II-P and Class II-X Certificates.
Group II Certificates. The Group II Senior Certificates and the Group II Subordinate Certificates.
Group II Certificates. Any of the Class IIA-1, Class IIA-2, Class IIM-1, Class IIM-2, Class IIB, Class IIL and Class IIP Certificates.
Group II Certificates. Any Class II-A1 Certificate, Class II-A2 Certificate or Class II-A3 Certificate.
Group II Certificates. The Class A-2 Certificates.
Group II Certificates. Any of the Class IIA-1, Class IIM-1, Class IIM-2 and Class IIB Certificates.