Remic Provisions Sample Clauses

Remic Provisions. (a) The Depositor hereby elects and authorizes the Trust Administrator to treat the Trust Fund as the number of separate REMICs specified in the Preliminary Statement (each, a “REMIC”) under the Code and, if necessary, under applicable state law and apply such Preliminary Statement in determining the rights of the Interests in REMICs thereby created. Each such election will be made on Form 1066 or other appropriate federal tax or information return (including Form 8811) or any appropriate state return (x) for the taxable year ending on the last day of the calendar year in which the Certificates are issued and (y) for the taxable year ending on the last day of the calendar year in which Certificates are first sold to a third party. The Closing Date is hereby designated as the “startup day” of each REMIC created hereunder within the meaning of Section 860G(a)(9) of the Code. The “regular interests” (within the meaning of Section 860G of the Code) in each REMIC shall consist of the regular interests with the terms set forth for each REMIC in the Preliminary Statement and the Class AR and Class AR-L Certificates shall represent the beneficial ownership of theresidual interest” in each REMIC created hereunder. Neither the Depositor nor the Trust Administrator nor the Trustee shall permit the creation of any “interests” (within the meaning of Section 860G of the Code) in any REMIC other than as set forth in the Preliminary Statement.
Remic Provisions a. The Company, as Servicer, and the Class C Subsidiary Certificateholder and the Class C Master Certificateholder, by acceptance thereof, each agrees that, in accordance with the requirements of Section 860D(b)(1) of the Code, the federal tax return of each of the Subsidiary REMIC and the Master REMIC for its first taxable year shall provide that the Subsidiary REMIC or the Master REMIC, as the case may be (excluding the Capitalized Interest Account, the obligation and related demand note of the Company pursuant to Section 3.05(c), the Staged-Funding Contract Reserve Account and the Pre-Funding Account) elects to be treated as a REMIC for such taxable year and all subsequent taxable years. In furtherance of the foregoing, the Trustee (at the direction of the Company) and the Company shall take, or refrain from taking, all such action as is necessary to maintain the status of each of the Subsidiary REMIC or the Master REMIC as a REMIC under the REMIC provisions of the Code, including, but not limited to, the taking of such action as is necessary to cure any inadvertent termination of REMIC status.
Remic Provisions. Section 10.01
Remic Provisions. SECTION 10.01.
Remic Provisions. Section 10.01.
Remic Provisions. Section 10.1
Remic Provisions. The Owner Trustee will elect as provided in this Section that the Trust, other than the Basis Risk Carryforward Reserve Fund and the Additional Loan Accounts, be treated for federal income tax purposes as comprising three real estate mortgage investment conduits (each a "
Remic Provisions. (i) The following definition of