Group 3 Certificates definition

Group 3 Certificates. As specified in the Preliminary Statement.
Group 3 Certificates. The Class 3A1 and Class 3A2 Certificates. The Group 3 Certificates are related to Loan Group 3.
Group 3 Certificates. The Class 3-A-1, Class 3-A-2, Class 3-A-3 and Class 3-A-4 Certificates.

Examples of Group 3 Certificates in a sentence

  • The Group 1 Certificates, Group 2 Certificates, Group 3 Certificates, Group 4 Certificates or Group 5 Certificates, as applicable.

  • The consolidated financial statements do not include any adjustments that may be necessary should the going concern basis of preparation be determined to be inappropriate.

  • The priority of distributions on the Group 1 Certificates described in clause I.(A)(ii), the Group 2 Certificates described in clause I.(B)(ii) and the Group 3 Certificates described in clause I.(C)(ii) above is referred to in this Prospectus Supplement as the ‘‘Related Senior Priority’’ for the group of Senior Certificates related to such Mortgage Pool.

  • A Moderate Impact RAG rating is allocated to habitats, geology, hydrogeology and hydrology, cultural heritage designations and assets, visual, landscape designations, landscape character and forestry.

  • The NRC program elements in this category are those that relate directly to areas of regulation reserved to the NRC by the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended (AEA) or the provisions of Title 10 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

More Definitions of Group 3 Certificates

Group 3 Certificates. The Group 3-A Certificates.
Group 3 Certificates. The Group 3-A and Group 3-B Certificates. Group 3 Clean-Up Call Option Date: The date on which the aggregate principal balance of the Group 3 Loans has been reduced to less than the Group 3 Clean-Up Call Percentage of that balance as of the Cut-Off Date. Group 3 Clean-Up Call Percentage: 10%.
Group 3 Certificates. The Class AV-2, Class AV-3, Class AV-4 and Class AV-5 Certificates.
Group 3 Certificates. The Class 3-A-1 and Class 3-A-2 Certificates, each of which represents the corresponding Upper-Tier Regular Interest for purposes of the REMIC Provisions.
Group 3 Certificates. The Group 3 Senior Certificates, the Class M Certificates, the Class 3-B Certificates, the Class 3-CE Certificates and the Class 3-P Certificates.