Annual Returns Sample Clauses

Annual Returns. Each school/VEC will make an annual return on a prescribed form to the Department of Education and Science (Post-Primary Teachers Section with a copy to the Adult Education Section). The arrangements provided for in this circular will be implemented on the basis of the certified returns. A copy of the prescribed form for these returns will issue very shortly.
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Annual Returns. 6.4.1 The Facility Time accounting year runs from 1 April to 31 March. At the end of this period, accredited representatives and Trade Union members who have taken time-off under the provisions of this agreement are required to return their completed time-off diary to the appropriate national TU Official who will share this with the Management Side of the National Partnership Committee
Annual Returns. Except where a Scheme Employer submits data via i-Connect to the Scheme Administrator providing contribution and membership information in real time, the Scheme Employer will, by 30th April each year, provide the Scheme Administrator with a ‘year-end’ schedule in the format prescribed by the Scheme Administrator. The Scheme Administrator will supply the pre-formatted ‘year-end’ schedule to all Scheme Employers (with the exception of those using i-Connect) in March each year.
Annual Returns. 154. The board shall make the requisite annual returns or other requisite filings in accordance with the Law and the requirements of any applicable jurisdiction.
Annual Returns. The parties agree to file joint federal and state income tax returns for the Tax Year 2014, and for any subsequent year during which they shall be Husband and Wife and entitled under the applicable laws and regulations to file joint returns, provided that such filing results in a lesser combined tax than would result from separate filing. Each party shall pay that proportionate share of the tax due as shall be attributable to his or her respective earnings or income and each shall indemnify and hold harmless the other against any liability for his or her own proportionate share of said tax. Any refund that is realized as a result of a joint return shall be divided proportionately between the parties.
Annual Returns. The Company shall comply with the provisions of Section 92 of the Act as to the making of Annual Returns.

Related to Annual Returns

  • Annual Return A copy of the Annual Return form AR01 submitted to Companies House for Contractors registered in the UK. Where Contractors are not registered with Companies House, they must forward the information detailed in Annex 1.

  • Early Return An employee who is on a leave of absence without pay, not covered by any other provision of this Agreement, may return from the leave before its expiration date if the employee provides the director with a written notice to that effect at least 15 days before the date of return.

  • Quarterly Reports As soon as available and in any event within the earlier of (i) forty-five (45) days and (ii) such shorter period as may be required by the Securities and Exchange Commission (including, if applicable, any extension permitted under Rule 12b-25 of the Exchange Act), after the end of each of the first three fiscal quarters of each fiscal year (i) the consolidated balance sheet of the Designated Company as of the end of such fiscal quarter and related consolidated statements of income and cash flows for such fiscal quarter and for the then elapsed portion of the fiscal year, in comparative form with the consolidated statements of income and cash flows for the comparable periods in the previous fiscal year, and notes thereto, all prepared in accordance with Regulation S-X under the Securities Act and accompanied by a certificate of a Financial Officer stating that such financial statements fairly present, in all material respects, the consolidated financial condition, results of operations and cash flows of the Designated Company as of the date and for the periods specified in accordance with US GAAP consistently applied, and on a basis consistent with audited financial statements referred to in clause (a) of this Section, except as otherwise disclosed therein and subject to the absence of footnote disclosures and to normal year-end audit adjustments, (ii) a narrative report and management’s discussion and analysis, in a form reasonably satisfactory to the Administrative Agent, of the financial condition and results of operations for such fiscal quarter and the then elapsed portion of the fiscal year, as compared to the comparable periods in the previous fiscal year (it being understood that the information required by clauses (i) and (ii) of this Section 5.01(b) may be furnished in the form of a Form 10-Q (so long as the financial statements, management report and management’s discussion therein comply with the requirements set forth above)) and (iii) consolidating balance sheets, statements of income and cash flows of the Designated Company and its Restricted Subsidiaries separating out the results by region;

  • Tax Returns Except as set forth on Schedule 3.13:

  • Annual Reports As soon as practicable, and in any event within ninety (90) days after the end of each fiscal year, (i) the consolidated balance sheet of the Company and its Subsidiaries as at the end of such fiscal year and the related consolidated statements of income, stockholders’ equity and cash flows of the Company and its Subsidiaries for such fiscal year, and in comparative form the corresponding figures for the previous fiscal year along with consolidating schedules in form and substance sufficient to calculate the financial covenants set forth in Section 7.18 and (ii) an audit report on the consolidated financial statements (but not the consolidating financial statements or schedules) listed in clause (i) hereof of independent certified public accountants of recognized national standing, which audit report shall be unqualified and shall state that such financial statements fairly present the consolidated financial position of the Company and its Subsidiaries as at the dates indicated and the results of their operations and cash flows for the periods indicated in conformity with Agreement Accounting Principles and that the examination by such accountants in connection with such consolidated financial statements has been made in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards. The deliveries made pursuant to this clause (ii) shall be accompanied by (x) any management letter prepared by the above-referenced accountants, and (y) a certificate of such accountants that, in the course of their examination necessary for their certification of the foregoing, they have obtained no knowledge of any Default or Event of Default, or if, in the opinion of such accountants, any Default or Event of Default shall exist, stating the nature and status thereof.

  • Quarterly Financial Reports The School shall prepare and submit quarterly financial reports to the Commission within 45 days of the end of each fiscal year quarter.

  • Product Returns Client will have the responsibility for handling customer returns of the Products. Patheon will give Client any assistance that Client may reasonably require to handle the returns.

  • Quarterly As of the last day of each Fiscal Quarter.

  • Returns Provided no Event of Default has occurred and is continuing, if any Account Debtor returns any Inventory to Borrower, Borrower shall promptly (i) determine the reason for such return, (ii) issue a credit memorandum to the Account Debtor in the appropriate amount, and (iii) provide a copy of such credit memorandum to Bank, upon request from Bank. In the event any attempted return occurs after the occurrence and during the continuance of any Event of Default, Borrower shall hold the returned Inventory in trust for Bank, and immediately notify Bank of the return of the Inventory.

  • Quarterly Report 5.1 Upon request, the contractor shall provide to the Purchasing Agent a quarterly report, showing all purchases made under the terms and conditions of the contract.

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