Free Bed Fund definition

Free Bed Fund means any gift of money, stock, bonds, financial instruments or other property made by any donor for the purpose of establishing a fund to provide medical care to patients at the hospital.

Examples of Free Bed Fund in a sentence

  • I authorize Middlesex Health to release my application information as may be necessary to obtain Free Bed Fund payment or to qualify me for any government programs I may be eligible for including but not limited to M.C.A.P.

  • It is intended as an introduction to academic life in Florida and life in Valencia, providing an overview and some specific information.

  • The doctors established the Free Bed Fund Association and through painstaking care, they restored life to the orphaned child's crippled legs.

  • In some cases, elective services may be postponed pending financial or state assistance determination.C. A deposit will not be required from Emergency Care patients prior to a medical screening exam or from patients determined to be “uninsured” as outlined by the Charity Care, Financial Assistance, And Free Bed Fund Policy.D. Patients qualifying for a partial charity care adjustment may be required to leave a deposit up to 20% of estimated charges.

  • Please liaise with the Post Grad Office as soon as you start as a registrar.

  • Charity Care Determinations - See the hospital’s Charity Care, Financial Assistance, Free Bed Fund Policy.

  • Burgener also argued that the lock-stepped scheduling and substantial delays for both his and his former associate’s hearings significantly prejudiced his right to a fair hearing.

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  • Related Fund means, with respect to any Lender that is an investment fund, any other investment fund that invests in commercial loans and that is managed or advised by the same investment advisor as such Lender or by an Affiliate of such investment advisor.

  • Affiliated Fund means, with respect to a Holder that is a limited liability company or a limited liability partnership, a fund or entity managed by the same manager or managing member or general partner or management company or by an entity controlling, controlled by, or under common control with such manager or managing member or general partner or management company;

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  • Approved Fund means any Fund that is administered or managed by (a) a Lender, (b) an Affiliate of a Lender or (c) an entity or an Affiliate of an entity that administers or manages a Lender.

  • Managed Fund means those Funds, individually and collectively, for which the Portfolio Manager makes buy and sell decisions.

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  • Approved Funding has the meaning ascribed to it in Schedule B.

  • Multi-family dwelling means a structure that contains more than one separate dwelling unit, which is used, or occupied, or intended to be used or occupied, in whole, or in part as the home or residence of one or more persons.

  • Prohibited Investment means Property (other than prescribed excluded Property as that term is defined in the Tax Act) that is:

  • Regulated investment company has the meaning set forth in Section 851 of the Code.

  • Prohibited Transaction means any transaction set forth in Section 406 of ERISA or Section 4975 of the Code.

  • Multi-family housing means a building or structure that is designed to house two (2) or more different households in separate housing Units which have full kitchen facilities including oven/range, refrigerator, kitchen sink with hot and cold water supply and food storage facilities and at least one (1) full bathroom facility(s), one (1) full bedroom and one (1) living area (including a combination thereof such as studio arrangements).

  • Investment Company Act Event means that the Company shall have received an Opinion of Counsel to the effect that, as a result of the occurrence of a change in law or regulation or a written change in interpretation or application of law or regulation by any legislative body, court, governmental agency or regulatory authority, there is more than an insubstantial risk that the Securities Trust is or will be considered an "investment company" that is required to be registered under the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended, which change becomes effective on or after the Original Issue Date.

  • Family of Investment Companies as used herein means two or more registered investment companies (or series thereof) that have the same investment adviser or investment advisers that are affiliated (by virtue of being majority owned subsidiaries of the same parent or because one investment adviser is a majority owned subsidiary of the other).

  • Prohibited Transaction Tax Any tax imposed under Section 860F of the Code. Prospectus: The prospectus dated July 19, 2004 as supplemented by the prospectus supplement dated July 26, 2004, relating to the Class A, Class B-1, Class B-2 and Class B-3 Certificates.

  • Consolidated Fund means the Consolidated Fund established by this Constitution;

  • Prohibited Transactions means a personal securities transaction prohibited by this Code.

  • Prohibited Investor means a person or entity whose name appears on (i) the List of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons maintained by the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control; (ii) other lists of prohibited persons and entities as may be mandated by applicable law or regulation; or (iii) such other lists of prohibited persons and entities as may be provided to the Fund in connection therewith;

  • Reportable Transaction means a transaction by an Access Person in a Reportable Security.

  • Prohibited Transferee means any Person who is a:

  • regulated investment companies (as defined in Section 851 of the Code), all as from time to time in effect (collectively, the "Policies"), and with all applicable provisions of law, including without limitation all applicable provisions of the Investment Company Act of 1940 (the "1940 Act") and the rules and regulations thereunder. Subject to the foregoing, the Sub-Adviser is authorized, in its discretion and without prior consultation with the Manager, to buy, sell, lend and otherwise trade in any stocks, bonds and other securities and investment instruments on behalf of the Series, without regard to the length of time the securities have been held and the resulting rate of portfolio turnover or any tax considerations; and the majority or the whole of the Series may be invested in such proportions of stocks, bonds, other securities or investment instruments, or cash, as the Sub-Adviser shall determine.

  • Prohibited Transaction Class Exemption means U.S. Department of Labor prohibited transaction class exemption 84-14, 90-1, 91-38, 95-60 or 96-23, or any similar prohibited transaction class exemption issued by the U.S. Department of Labor.