Former GTE Territories definition

Former GTE Territories means the service territories of the following entities: Verizon California Inc.; Verizon Florida Inc.; Verizon Hawaii Inc.; Verizon North Inc.; Verizon Northwest Inc.; Verizon South Inc.; Verizon West Coast Inc.; GTE Southwest Incorporated d/b/a Verizon Southwest; Contel of the South, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Mid-States, Verizon North Systems and Verizon South Systems; and GTE Midwest Incorporated d/b/a Verizon Midwest.

Related to Former GTE Territories

  • Territories means territories, including territorial waters;

  • Restricted Territories means (i) Cuba, Sudan, Iran, North Korea, Syria and the territory of Crimea/Sevastopol; and (ii) any other country or territory that is subject to sanctions by the United Kingdom, the European Union, the U.S., United Nations or elsewhere.

  • Service Territory means the geographic area within which PG&E as a Utility Distribution Company is authorized and required to provide electric transmission and distribution service.

  • Coverage territory means the United States of America (including its territories and possessions), Puerto Rico and Canada.

  • the Territory means the Sub-Saharan Continent, south of the 15N latitude.

  • Territory means worldwide.

  • Geographic Territory shall include any territory formally assigned to Employee as well as all territories in which Employee has provided any services, sold any products or otherwise had responsibility at any time during the eighteen (18) month period preceding Employee’s date of separation;

  • Traditional Territory means, subject to a Yukon First Nation Final Agreement, with respect to each Yukon First Nation and each Yukon Indian Person enrolled in that Yukon First Nation's Final Agreement, the geographic area within the Yukon identified as that Yukon First Nation's Traditional Territory on the map referred to in 2.9.0.

  • Union territory means the territory of—

  • taxable territory means the territory to which the provisions of this Act apply;

  • U.S. Territory means American Samoa, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands.

  • Selected Countries the jurisdictions listed on Appendix C as such may be amended from time to time in accordance with Article II.

  • customs territory of the Union means the territory as defined in Article 3 of Council Regulation (EEC) No 2913/92 of 12 October 1992 establishing the Community Customs Code (2) and in Commission Regulation (EEC) No 2454/93 of 2 July 1993 laying down provisions for the implementation of Regulation (EEC) No 2913/92 (3);

  • developing country means a country which is for the time being regarded as such in conformity with the practice of the General Assembly of the United Nations;

  • Competing Products means any products or processes of any person or organization other than the Company in existence or under development, which are substantially the same, may be substituted for, or applied to substantially the same end use as the products or processes that the Company is developing or has developed or commercialized during the time of the Employee's employment with the Company.

  • customs territory means the territory of the country of each Contracting Party in which the Customs laws of that country are in force;

  • Sanctioned Territory means any country or other territory subject to a general export, import, financial or investment embargo under Economic Sanctions Law from time to time, including without limitation Iran, Myanmar, Sudan, Syria, North Korea and Russia/Ukraine.

  • Major Countries means Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, United Kingdom and the United States.

  • High Risk Activities means uses such as the operation of nuclear facilities, air traffic control, or life support systems, where the use or failure of the Services could lead to death, personal injury, or environmental damage.

  • Relevant Territory means Hong Kong or such other territory as the Directors may from time to time decide if the issued ordinary share capital of the Company is listed on a stock exchange in such territory;

  • Customs territory of the United States means the 50 States, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

  • Geographic Region means the geographic area in which you, during any time within the last two years of your employment with the Company, provided services or had a material presence or influence.

  • High terrain means any area having an elevation 900 feet or more above the base of the stack of a source.

  • Marijuana products means concentrated marijuana products and marijuana products that are comprised of marijuana and other ingredients and are intended for use or consumption, such as, but not limited to, edible products, ointments, and tinctures.

  • Tobacco products means cigars, cigarettes, cheroots, stogies, periques, granulated, plug cut, crimp cut, ready rubbed, and other smoking tobacco, snuff, snuff flour, moist snuff, cavendish, ping and twist tobacco, fine-cut and other chewing tobaccos, shorts, refuse scraps, clippings, cuttings and sweepings of tobacco, and other kinds and forms of tobacco, prepared in such manner as to be suitable for chewing or smoking in a pipe or otherwise, or both for chewing and smoking.

  • Possessions means any goods over which the pupil has or appears to have control – this includes desks, lockers and bags.