Formal School definition

Formal School means a School providing education with definite objectives, educational methods, curricula, period of study, measurement and evaluation which are conditions for finishing education.
Formal School means a school which provides education by determining an objective, a method of providing education, a curriculum, a period of study, measurement and evaluation as a certain condition of graduation.

Examples of Formal School in a sentence

  • Suggestion for Integrating the Lesson with the Formal School Curriculum: You may incorporate this lesson into the formal school curriculum by teaching it immediately after and/or repeating messages from this lesson in the following subject:1.

  • You may be ordered to take the vaccine while on TDY or at a Formal School.

  • Suggestion for Integrating the Lesson with the Formal School Curriculum: You may incorporate this lesson into the formal school curriculum by teaching it immediately after and/or repeating messages from this lesson in the following subjects:1.

  • All Formal School personnel must be trained on MCISD/SATE and RM as part of the SFDP or via DL (if available) within 30 calendar days of assignment.b. New instructor orientation and certification (1) Orientation sessions.

  • This can be a combination of reviews, performances, and a culminating event, but is flexible to the needs and abilities of the Formal School.

  • The course is conducted in a designated Marine Corps Formal School with training facilities and instructor personnel provided by the Marine Corps; or conducted by an other-service school established in the other-services’ training management systems; (e.g. ATRRS, Navy CeTARS, or Air Force Oracle Training Applications (OTA) or in the context of an MTT.

  • Responsible for all Formal School POIs. This includes assisting the appropriate personnel with the design, development, submission, evaluation, and maintenance.

  • The individual faculty member, the Formal School, the Higher Headquarters, and the Marine Corps all share in the responsibility of creating and supporting the lifelong learner.

  • Shall be identified and assigned by the appropriate CG to manage a Formal School or Training Detachment and execute the provisions of appropriate policies and directives.

  • This directive establishes the requirement for all Formal Schools to conduct Marine Corps Instructional Systems Design (MCISD)/Systems Approach To Training and Education (SATE) and Risk Management (RM) indoctrination, or refresher training as required for all Formal School personnel within 30 calendar days of assignment.

Related to Formal School

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  • At school means in a classroom, elsewhere on school premises, on a school bus or other school- related vehicle, or at a school-sponsored activity or event whether or not it is held on school premises. “At school” includes conduct using a telecommunications access device or telecommunications service provider that occurs on or off school premises if the telecommunications access device or the telecommunications service provider is owned by or under the control of the school.

  • High school means grades 9 through 12.

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  • the Caxton Foundation means the charitable trust of that name established on 28th March 2011 out of funds provided by the Secretary of State for the benefit of certain persons suffering from hepatitis C and other persons eligible for payment in accordance with its provisions;

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  • the Licensee means the person(s) named in the licence.

  • Licensee has the meaning set forth in the preamble.

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