primary school definition

primary school means a school classified as a primary school or an intermediate school under the Education Act 1989.
primary school means a school, not being a special school, providing primary education.
primary school means a school providing education up to but not exceeding the seventh grade;

Examples of primary school in a sentence

  • Bellfield Primary School, Haig Street Primary School, Olympic Village Primary School, Banksia Secondary College, La Trobe Secondary College, Northland Secondary College and Macleod P–12 college are part of this project.

  • Our staff are highly trained: all members of the team undertake our Milldene Primary School Behaviour and Relationships programme.

  • All Early Years PEPs are covered by this VS Officer, which ensures good transitions to Primary School.

  • ProcedureFleet Primary School intends to improve attendance each year; our current target is for students to achieve a minimum attendance level of 96%, through meeting the aims as set out below.

  • Rodney has enjoyed involvement with a range of local community groups including the Warburton Primary School Council, Warburton Advancement League, Warburton Golf Club, Warburton-Millgrove Sports Club and Wesburn Junior Football Club.

More Definitions of primary school

primary school means a school for the provision of primary education within the meaning of section 6;
primary school means a school or part of such school in which primary education upto any standard is imparted;
primary school means any school providing courses in primary education, and includes the primary grades of area schools;
primary school means primary school Class IA, I, II, III or IV, or school for aboriginal children, established or maintained under the Act;
primary school means a school recognized by the Ministry as providing instruction and training suited to the ages, abilities and aptitudes of children between the ages of five years and fourteen years;
primary school means a learning institution containing any combination of grades Kindergarten through 8 or age level equivalent.
primary school means a school at which primary education is provided;