Aircraft definition

Aircraft means any machine that can derive support in the atmosphere from the reactions of the air other than the reactions of the air against the earth’s surface;
Aircraft means, with respect to each Indenture, the “Aircraft” referred to therein.
Aircraft means the same as that term is defined in Section 72-10-102.

Examples of Aircraft in a sentence

  • Pederson,Acting Manager, Transport Airplane Directorate, Aircraft Certification Service.[FR Doc.

  • Aircraft jet engines suck up loose objects from the deck or the area immediately adjacent to the intake, including in some cases, personnel who venture too close.

  • Aircraft carry ordnance and fuel that can cause fires and explosions.

  • J., “Wall- Interference Corrections for Parachutes in a Closed Wind Tunnel,” Journal of Aircraft, Vol.

  • Ct. 1850, 1856 (2016), and “end[] there as well” if “the statutory language pro- vides a clear answer,” Hughes Aircraft Co. v.

More Definitions of Aircraft

Aircraft. Means each of the New Aircraft or Substitute Aircraft in respect of which a Participation Agreement is to be or is, as the case may be, entered into in accordance with the NPA (or any substitute aircraft, including engines therefor, owned by or leased to the Company and securing one or more Equipment Notes).
Aircraft means the Airframe (or any Substitute Airframe or Replacement Airframe substituted therefor pursuant to Section 7.04 or Section 7.05, respectively, of the Indenture) together with the two Engines described in the Indenture Supplement originally executed and delivered under the Indenture (or any Replacement Engine that may from time to time be substituted for any of such Engines pursuant to Section 7.04 or Section 7.05 of the Indenture), whether or not any of such initial or substituted Engines is from time to time installed on such Airframe or installed on any other airframe or on any other aircraft. The term “Aircraft” includes any Replacement Aircraft.
Aircraft means any vessel, craft or device made or intended to fly or move in or through the atmosphere or space.
Aircraft means aircraft as defined for the purposes of the Chicago Convention which are either airframes with aircraft engines installed thereon or helicopters;
Aircraft means any contrivance used or designed for navigation of or flight in the air.
Aircraft means the Airframe, Engines, Parts and Aircraft Documentation collectively, yet in the context of LESSEE not creating any Security Interests other than Permitted Liens on the Aircraft, the term "Aircraft" means any of the Airframe, any Engine, any Part or the Aircraft Documentation individually.
Aircraft means, collectively, the Airframe and Engines.