financial entity definition

financial entity means the following entities which meet such criteria or conditions as the Central Government may, in consultation with the financial sector regulator, notify in this behalf, namely:
financial entity means a counterparty that is not a swap dealer or a major swap participant and that is one of the following:
financial entity means any of the following:

Examples of financial entity in a sentence

  • Avanti Finance Limited is licensed (FSP No. FSP41821) by the Financial Markets Authority (‘FMA’) and has the status of a Qualifying Financial Entity (‘QFE’).

  • Financial Entity “Año del Buen Servicio al Ciudadano” ANNEX 4-A Operation Guarantee Format Messrs.

  • Provide Date of Incorporation: ▪ Active NFE by reason of income and assets □ ▪ Holding NFE that is a member of a nonfinancial group □ ▪ Treasury Center NFE that is a member of a nonfinancial group □ ▪ Start-up NFE (Date of Organization / / ) □ ▪ NFE that is liquidating or emerging from bankruptcy □ ▪ Non-profit NFE □ ▪ Other, provide the reason for this selection □ Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes No Active Non- Financial Entity (NFE) Yes Yes Yes No No No Passive Non- Financial Entity (NFE) 26.

  • All Bonds furnished by the Contractor shall be provided by an Approved Financial Entity.

  • The letter of guarantee issued to the name of the GRANTOR by a Financial Entity that is joint and several, unconditional, irrevocable, without the benefit of excussion or division, and automatically realizable, which guarantees compliance with the obligations under the responsibility of the CONCESSIONAIRE as set forth in this Contract.

More Definitions of financial entity

financial entity means an insurer, a person licensed under the Financial Institutions Act, and any other entity that carries on a business that includes the provision of any financial service and includes the holding company of any such financial entity;
financial entity means an authorized foreign bank within the meaning of section 2 of the Bank Act in respect of its business in Canada or a bank to which that Act applies, a cooperative credit society, savings and credit union or caisse populaire that is regulated by a provincial Act, an association that is regulated by the Cooperative Credit Associations Act, a company to which the Trust and Loan Companies Act applies and a trust company or loan company regulatedby a provincial Act. It includes a department or agent of Her Majesty in right of Canada or of a province where the department or agent is carrying out anactivity referred to in section 45. (entité financière) Persons or Entities Engagedin the Business of Foreign Exchange Dealing
financial entity means a licensee, a person registered under the Insurance Act, and any company or unincorporated body whether incorporated or constituted in Trinidad and Tobago or elsewhere that carries on a business that includes the provision of any financial service and includes the holding company of any such financial entity;
financial entity means: an entity that is not an SD or MSP but is one of the following: (1) A commodity pool as defined in the Commodity Exchange Act, as amended from time to time, (2) A private fund as defined in Section 202(a) of the Investment Advisors Act of 1940; (3) An employee benefit plan as defined in paragraphs (3) and (32) of section 3 of the Employee Retirement Income and Security Act of 1974; (4) A person predominantly engaged in activities that are in the business of banking, or in activities that are financial in nature as defined in Section 4(k) of the Bank Holding Company Act of 1956; and (5) A security-based swap dealer or a major security-based swap participant.
financial entity means a legal entity, partnership/ firm and/or other forms of business vehicles whose main business is in financial services including one or more of the following:
financial entity means an undertaking, the principal activity of which is to acquire holdings or to engage in, pursue, perform or provide one or more of the services or activities listed in Schedule A2, and which is not a Central Bank or a Multilateral Development Bank, as determined by ICE in its sole discretion.
financial entity means any bank, trust company, savings