Final Inspection definition

Final Inspection means the last or final visit for the purpose of survey or inspection, usually carried out on safety equipment items and functional trials in an initial survey or a periodical survey for a vessel;
Final Inspection means the process and procedure described in UGC Section 12.1.
Final Inspection means the inspection conducted by the Agency after to verify that the work has reached Final Completion.

Examples of Final Inspection in a sentence

  • Practical Completion and after a 12 months defects liability period the Final Inspection & Hand-Over.

  • V.61 CONTRACT-050.20 Release of Funds Due to Delay in Final Inspection Not Due to the Fault of the Contractor (Oct 2006)If, after final inspection of the work, final completion is materially delayed through no fault of the Contractor, the Agency shall make payment of the balance due for that portion of the Work fully completed and accepted.

  • Any damage subsequent to the inspection due solely to the use and occupancy of the completed portion is not the responsibility of the Contractor.V.57 CONTRACT-050.16 Final Inspection (Oct 2006)When the Contractor submits in writing to the Agency a request for a final inspection and an application for final payment, final inspection will be made within 30 days of the receipt of the request for final inspection and application for final payment.

  • The City and the Company each shall have the right to accompany, and/or have its construction manager accompany, the Inspector during any Permitted Inspection and/or the Final Inspection.

  • Metro Inspector is contacted by Engineer to request a Final Inspection.2. Metro performs Final Inspection to verify “punch list” items have been corrected.3. If “punch list” items are corrected, Metro inspections are complete.

More Definitions of Final Inspection

Final Inspection of Buses means inspection of the Buses to be carried out at Central Workshop-I, Delhi Transport Corporation, Banda Bahadur Marg, Delhi – 110 009 or any other places in Delhi as desired by the Purchaser;
Final Inspection means the final review of the Work of the Contractor by the A/E to determine whether issuance of the Certificate of Contract Completion is appropriate.
Final Inspection has the meaning given to it in Schedule 13 (Return Conditions);
Final Inspection has the meaning given to it in Clause 23.2;
Final Inspection means the same process and procedure described in UGC, Subsection 12.1.2.
Final Inspection has the meaning given in Section 1.1 of Part III of Schedule A to the Aircraft Lease Agreement.