Arterial highway definition

Arterial highway means a highway providing long-distance connections as approved by the Federal Highway Administration pursuant to 23 Code of Federal Regulations, Section 470.105(b)(1999).[PL 1999, c. 676, §1 (NEW).]
Arterial highway means a general term denoting a highway primarily for through traffic, usually on a continuous route.
Arterial highway means any highway that has been designated as an arterial highway under the provisions of the Roads Act Highway Access Regulations;

Examples of Arterial highway in a sentence

The Expressways in conjunction with the Continuous Major Arterials be spaced so that all developed areas of the State are within a reasonable distance of an Expressway or Arterial highway.

A divided Principal or Primary Arterial highway with full or partial control of access and with or without grade separated intersections.

Arterial - Arterial streets interconnect and support the Principal Arterial highway system.

US 89 is classified as a Rural Principal Arterial highway; these highways are considered the state’s principal corridors for statewide travel— they carry the highest volume of long distance trips in Arizona (ADOT 2006).

The effects should also include secondary, cumulative, short-, medium-, long-term permanent and temporary, positive and negative effects.

More Definitions of Arterial highway

Arterial highway means highways classified as such pursuant to Section 31 of the Highways Act.
Arterial highway means any limited-access highway which is part of the federal-aid interstate system or any limited-access highway constructed under the supervision of the department of transportation.
Arterial highway means a highway so classified under the
Arterial highway means a highway where the primary use is to provide connection from collector highways to other collector highways with limited access from local highways.
Arterial highway means a highway primarily for through traffic, usually on a continuous route.
Arterial highway means a state highway designated by agreement between the commission and
Arterial highway means a public area designated as an arterial highway under the