Existing Floor definition

Existing Floor means, (a) with respect to the Eurodollar Base Rate, the rate specified in the definition ofEurodollar Rate” and (b) with respect to the Base Rate, the rate specified in clause (c) of the definition of “Base Rate”.
Existing Floor means, (a) with respect to the Adjusted Term SOFR, the rate specified in the definition of “Adjusted Term SOFR” and (b) with respect to the Base Rate, the rate specified in clause (c) of the definition of “Base Rate”.

Examples of Existing Floor in a sentence

  • Existing Floor Plans (preferred scale 1/4")Please provide plans for all floor levels including basements and attics, and include room names, window and door locations, built-in cabinets, appliance and fixture locations, ceiling heights, exterior light fixture locations and parking space dimensions.

  • Existing Floor Area minus Exclusions Sq. Ft. (subtract B2 from B1) Proposed Gross Area*Allowable ExclusionsBasement Basement** First Floor Stairways** Second Floor Mechanical** Third Floor Other** Porches/ Other Total Exclusions Total Gross * C.

  • To the extent the Existing Floor Area is reduced for any reason whatsoever, it may be replaced with new non-residential Gross Leasable Floor Area without impacting this calculation.

  • NOTE: In regards to substrate preparation when mechanical sanding, grinding, shot blasting and vacuuming always follow the Resilient Floor Covering Institute’s (RFCI) “Recommended Work Practice for Removal of Existing Floor Covering and Adhesives”, and all applicable local, state, federal and OSHA requirements in regards to Asbestos and Silica containment regulations.

  • In performing under this Agreement, the Floor Plan First Lien Agent shall have all rights, protections, immunities and indemnities granted it under the Existing Floor Plan First Lien Credit Agreement.

  • Subject to the terms of the Existing Floor Plan First Lien Credit Agreement, the Floor Plan First Lien Agent shall have no obligation to perform or exercise any discretionary act.

  • Shop/office name: Unit development - No of Units Other: Proposed Floor Area m2: Existing Floor Area m2: Proposed use of Building(eg.

  • The Floor Plan First Lien Agent has executed this Agreement as directed under and in accordance with the Existing Floor Plan First Lien Credit Agreement and will perform this Agreement solely in its capacity as Floor Plan First Lien Agent and not individually.

  • The development shall be carried out strictly in accordance with the following approved plans and documents received on 12th November 2017, unless otherwise stipulated by conditions:- • 1:1250 and 1:100 scale Location Plan, Existing Floor Plans, Elevations and Section (TAB.EX).

  • For example, for a 1,500 m² site in Density Area A that contains a 6,000 m² building on the heritage inventory, the minimum unused density upon formal designation would be calculated as follows:(Site Area x Maximum Density) – Existing Floor Area= Minimum Unused Density (1,500 m² x 7.0 FAR) – 6,000 m² = 4,500 m²Additional unused density rights may then be assigned over and above the 4,500 m² based on the bonus determined under section 5.3.2, subsection 4 Heritage Designation.

Related to Existing Floor

  • Ground floor means a floor of a building with a building entrance on an accessible route. A building may have more than one ground floor.

  • Lowest floor means the lowest floor of the lowest enclosed area (including basement). An unfinished or flood resistant enclosure, usable solely for parking of vehicles, building access, or limited storage in an area other than a basement area is not considered a building's lowest floor, provided that such an enclosure is not built so as to render the structure in violation of the applicable non-elevation design requirements of this ordinance.

  • Existing Building means a building that (a) was in existence and completely constructed on the date that the Applicant first submitted its Application, or (b) in respect of which the IESO has, in its sole and absolute discretion, issued a written confirmation that the building will be deemed an Existing Building for the purposes of the definition of Rooftop Facility.

  • Wood floor wax means wax-based products for use solely on wood floors.

  • apartment building means a residential use building, or the residential use portion of a mixed-use building, other than a townhouse or stacked townhouse containing four or more dwelling units each of which shall have access to above grade common halls, stairs, elevators, and yards;

  • Approximate original contour means that surface configuration achieved by the backfilling and grading of the mined area so that the reclaimed area, including any terracing or access roads, closely resembles the general surface configuration of the land prior to mining and blends into and complements the drainage pattern of the surrounding terrain, with all highwalls and spoil piles eliminated.

  • Existing Facility means a facility in existence on any given date, newly constructed or altered.

  • existing industrial building means a building used for or in connection with,

  • Parking Garage means a building or portion of a building, other than a private garage, that is used for the temporary parking of motor vehicles;

  • building line means a rear space, side space or street front space;

  • residential premises means a house, building, structure, shelter, or mobile home, or portion thereof, used as a dwelling, home, residence, or living place by 1 or more human beings. “Residential premises” includes an apartment unit, a boardinghouse, a rooming house, a mobile home, a mobile home space, and a single or multiple family dwelling, but does not include a hotel, a motel, motor home, or other tourist accommodation, when used as a temporary accommodation for guests or tourists, or premises used as the principal place of residence of the owner and rented occasionally during temporary absences including vacation or sabbatical leave.

  • Office Premises means any building, facility, or portion thereof, or other premises, whether owned or controlled by CP, which is used solely for clerical or administrative purposes and which does not contain heavy equipment or machinery, as designated by CP from time to time;

  • Existing Facilities means all existing buildings and other facilities, the sites for the buildings or facilities, and furnishings or equipment for the buildings or facilities located on real property acquired by the building authority under the terms of this act.

  • Space means the volume of gas which a user of a storage facility is entitled to use for the storage of gas;

  • Original Lease shall have the meaning given such term in the recitals to this Agreement.

  • Commercial Premises means a place of trade or premises operated for financial gain, including but not limited to, a retirement village or a block of flats that has a common facility; a place of trade where the manufacture and production of products or produce takes place; a site where renovation, restoration and refurbishment work as described in Part B takes place.

  • Mobile home space means a plot of ground within a mobile home park designed for the accommodation of one mobile home.

  • M2M Flowgate means Flowgates where constraints are jointly monitored and coordinated as defined and set forth in Schedule D to this Agreement.

  • New Building ’ means a new construction to house a complete motor vehicle as- sembly process, where that construction includes the pouring or construction of a new foundation and floor, the erection of a new frame and roof, and the instal- lation of new plumbing and electrical and other utilities;